Sunday, July 6, 2014

26/52- A Photo Challenge

Better late than never...

Responsibility aside, we were rockin' and rompin' during our favorite week of summer, thus far.
Is there anything better than beachin' it with your crew?

Kaira's bumper-car-driving-skills are vastly improved this season. Watch out newbies! 
Shoulder-riding-Boopsie stole her dad's hat while waiting for her roller-coaster-riding-buddies. Top dog on the boardwalk— REPRESENT.

Pets for this week? Pfffft. 
Squawkin' suckas almost stole my breakfast. 
This shot, however, was well worth the bait. 

Didn't want this week to end…
but the sun is still shining, and there are always more good things to come.

Hope your holiday weekend has been beautiful and beyond!
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Noelle Rae said...

LOVIN the curls on Boopsie ;) LOVIN THEM (and a little jealous)

Cally said...

She has the best beach hair ever! I'm jealous too!