Monday, November 4, 2013


When my fella and I graduated from college, we decided to spend the summer driving across the country. We needed a vehicle with some serious muscle.

Enter "Andy Capp," our brawny Jeep Cherokee—aptly named for its trademark red visor and well-suited for our nearly 6000-mile adventure.
donate car to charity
Only some bagonzo off-roading to Gold Bluff's Beach in California took him out of the game for repairs. 
Andy Capp, driving through some Redwoods
Up and running again in no time, Capp was a strong road warrior indeed...
eager enough to keep on truckin' for countless adventures beyond our X-Country trek.

But as ten venturous years passed, like any poor aging sap, Capp started getting a little... rusty.

You know.
Things stopped working.
Like a lot of things.
Nearly EVERYthing.

It was time to let Capp go. 
donate car to charity
But how to do it?

Sell him? 
Junk him?
Trade him?

Donate him!
donate car to charity
After much consideration, and a little research, we learned that you can donate vehicles to many charities.

We contacted our local Autos-4-MS chapter at the National MS Society here and arranged a pick-up.

A few days later, Capp was towed away for auction.
Once sold, the profits will be donated to "help drive MS away."

The MS Society will send us a letter to inform us of the Jeep's auction worth which we will file as a donation in our annual tax report.

Everybody wins!
donate car for charity
Goodbye, old friend!
If you have a "beater" that has met its end (and a little love in your heart), consider donating your vehicle to a charity of your choice.

If money is tight but you still feel like giving, research other options this season.

Check out previous posts Three Reasons to Donate Your Hair, BIKE MS, and The Best Gifts We Gave This Year to learn more about how we've worked to "give back" in 2013.

Let me know if you make any thoughtful donations. I'll happily spread the word about your awesomeness!

Giving feels good. Get into it, friends!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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