Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hugg-A-Planet GIVEAWAY!

Wanna win the world?
The moon?

You've got over a week to win ALL THREE!

In previous post Where in the World- Teaching Geography, I detailed the tools we've found to get our girlies psyched about the layout of our lands.

The super cool, family-owned and operated crew over at, Hugg-A-Planet sent us their ISS Earth Moon Mars 3 pc. set—to send my science nerd crew right outta this world!
ISS Earth Moon Mars set
This is the kind of company we fully stand behind— sponsoring International Peace Day events and donating to both Toys Across America and Montessori schools across the globe.

Generous to the core, Hugg-A-Planet is down to share their world with YOU, offering up an ISS kit to one lucky Hearth reader- a $49.95 value!
BLASTOFF!Hugg-A-PlanetHugg-A-Planets are where it's AT if you're looking for fun, educational products that you'll wanna keep around through all stages.

Roll it as a ball and teach hand-eye coordination (stuff the moon inside the pocket in the Earth pillow) with the wee ones. 

Snuggle up, play catch, teach geography and astronomy with the bigger brainiacs. 
And it really does make a stellar pillow...

We give these products our all-star review!

Extra awesome?
All readers can enter coupon code "HEARTH" now through the end of August to get 15% off any Hugg-A-Planet order!

Every giveaway entrant has up to FOUR chances to win this OUT OF THIS WORLD prize!
So, how do you nab the prize?
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Good luck, everyone! 
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

*Giveaway is open to ALL From My Hearth to Yours readers until Wednesday, June 4 at 9p.m. EST. Winner will be announced on Thurs, June 5. If prize is unclaimed after 72 hours, the next number in the randomizer list will be declared the winner.  Free shipping in USA only.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Green Thumbs and Flower Power

Been planting this season?
I just couldn't BE more into it.
strawflower, petunia, verbena, sweet potato vine, nasturtium, snap dragon, lobelia, coleus
The feel of sunshine against my shoulders, the sound of birdies a'chirping, the softness of the soil, organization of shapes, textures and colors…right up my alley.

This year, I'm really stuffin' 'em in there—going for a wild eruption of flowering foliage. 
sweet potato vine, petunia, begonia, verbena, osteospermum, lobelia, calibrochia
I've been studying up on making the most of my large containers, so each has plants that will hang, those that will grow tall, some to fill, flower and balance color.
marigold, alyssum, coleus, begonia, lobelia, sweet potato vine, gerbera daisy, verbena
alyssum, calendula, lobelia, canna, begonia and nasturtium
The box and window planters are filled with dianthus, petunia, alyssum, marigold, lobelia, zinnia, gazania and ageratum.
As summer nears, these beauties will fill out and spill over with color.
Why buy a bouquet of flowers when you can grow and cut 'em yourself? I keep pots of my favorite HAPPY flowers, gerbera daisies, around all spring and summer long.
gerbera daisy
Gerbera daisies grow quickly and, once cut, last for weeks in vases They're perfect for adding a pop of perfection both indoors and outside.
Our girls are in charge of snipping daisies for vases that bring color and happiness indoors.

We keep them in the bathrooms...
gerbera daisies and lilac
 in the kitchen...
gerbera daisies and osteospermum
 even on our family dinner table.
gerbera daisies and lilac
There's radiant color and inspiration around every turn. We can't wait to get outside these days. With so much stunning scenery, it's no wonder why.
Marguerite daisy, calendula, zinnia, strawflower, petunia, verbena, sweet potato vine, nasturtium, snap dragon, lobelia, coleus
Don't ya just love springtime?!?
Here's to natural beauty, green thumbs and flower power!
What are your favorite flowers for planting?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When the Windows Are Open

This week, we've been sleeping with the windows open. 
Have you?
When the windows are open, I feel more in the moment.

Cool air glides over my skin, carrying the scent of freshly cut grass and lush soil throughout the house.

Memories of countless tent-camping trips stir— with sounds of nature serenading us as we nod off into the most comfortable sleep.

In the night, insomniac birds gently rustle through the treetops while the muted rumble of the train, two towns over, rolls soothingly through the darkness.

Kicking free, my feet escape the nest of covers and embrace the crisp feel of the evening breeze as it runs over me, tickling my toes.
When the windows are open, the morning is alive.
I wake with the world and feel a more connected part in it all.

Open windows end the disconnect.
Open windows open hearts.

The world is so whimsical and wonderful right now.
Open up and let it in.

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Tips for Hunting Morels

Everyone knows that, in early May, you'll find us in the woods. 
The morel hunting in this family has gotten dork-ily hardcore in the past few years.

But dork-ish-ness rules, morels are delicious and the hunt is a thrill every time.
Last year, in posts A Family of Mycophiles? and Morel Madness, I told you about this budding, contagious obsession. 

Truth be told, when my fella first got into this hobby, it annoyed me to no end. 

Seriously, you're going hunting again
In the rain?
On a Tuesday after dinner?
But I love hiking with my crew, so I found myself tagging along on hunts in no time.

As soon as I found my first morel...hooked.

There are times when I can see why morel hunting seems bonkers—
trucking through tick terrain, dodging bramble, scanning the ground determinedly.
If you've never hunted, I can promise you this... 
once you spot that first morel, you'll understand everything

Wanna find 'em?
Here are 5 tips to get you hot on the trail.

1. First, do your homework. Start by reading this
2. Look near tulip poplars, elm, ash and apple trees. Older/dying/dead trees are ideal hunting spots. 
3. If you find one, STOP and look around that area. You're likely to find more right where you're standing. 
4. Don't pull your morel up out of the ground. Instead, cut it at the base. It'll come back next year!
5. Remember your spots and keep them secret. You'd be surprised to know how many people are out there hunting the same goodies you seek. 
Here's to successful hunts and delicious dinners!
Now go get 'em!
If you have any other tips for morel hunting, please feel free to share.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

***NEVER eat ANY raw mushroom in the wild and make absolutely sure you have positively identified any mushroom you intend to consume.
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