Thursday, April 17, 2014

15/52: A Photo Challenge

Look at 'em everywhere. It's really here! 
Hard to believe I drove home in a near-white-out-flash-spring-snowstorm on Tuesday night. 
Seriously with this. 

Ever the teacher at heart, Kaira has begun instructing her sis in the art of Razor-riding.
Taking bets now on who bleeds first.
It might very well be me.
Yeah, I ride it. What?

On the topic of riding— Layna got her first taste of equestrian life at Easter on the Farm. Think she dug it?

For Zoo's birthday prep, we moved mattresses around to give that growing girl more room.
Kaine took clear advantage of the wait-time and set up camp on the floor by the front door. 
I'm sure the UPS man has just HAD it with this house.
And who gave the dog blankets here? Really. 

Ready for Easter-ing?
Can't wait to get my arms around our family lovies, to do some serious traveling car-dancing, and to stuff it with home-cookin' and chocolate.
So much chocolate.

Love to you and yours!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stink Bug Hideout

In 14/52: A Photo Challenge, you saw the team painting the shed. 

So what did they find behind that panel?
You guessed it, didn't you?

Stink bug hideout extraordinaire. 
Hundreds of spawn clearly gathered here, creepin' behind the panel for shelter.

These must be less intelligent stinkers, as those with higher IQs made a beeline for our home instead.

But what's up with this webbing?
At first we thought NESTS, but after reading up, it doesn't sound like nests are characteristic of stink bugs.
Or are they?
Is there some other creature out there looking to prey on stink bugs?

This Rutgers site explains that assassin bugs do go after stinkers and, naturally, we've got those nasties here as well (see previous post BUG OUT! Assassin/Wheel Bugs for more horror), but they don't make webs.

Although this site claims that the praying mantis and some spiders occasionally dine on spawn, the quantity of the webbing surrounding the stink bugs perplexes us.

Any thoughts, you guys?

Come ON, stink bug scientists. Don't you wanna come study here?
You're so very invited to scan our hub.
Till then…onto Phase 2.
Stay with us now.
It's coming.
The big one.

If you have ideas,  info or resources to aid us in our research, you know we're all ears.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours- Cally

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Congratulations to Ashley, #7 in the comment list and the winner of a completely outta this world Mars In My Room. I have a feeling one cute little dude is about to get super psyched!
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter on the Farm: The PA German Cultural Heritage Center

You guys. 
It's SO time for outdoors-ing!

Although last weekend's outing was blast (read One Man's Trash here), the wind intensity was a little overbearing.
The weather THIS weekend, however, was the tops...
perfect for hitting up Easter on the Farm, a quaint, joyful lil' event hosted by the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center.

Love this place!

The farm animals kicked it in style while the wee ones giggled and tossed 'em handouts.
And I mean literal style.
Check out the bonnet this pig was rockin'.
For those more into the old school groove, the blacksmith demonstrations were just beyond.
Teach me how and I'll hammer out wrought iron EVERYTHING!
The celebration of culture here is the greatest reward. With gorgeous scenery and restorations, skilled artisans and knowledgable volunteers, visiting the Heritage Center is like getting beamed back into the past.

You take something away.
While adults shop, marvel and stuff it with PA Dutch food, the annual Easter Egg Hunt keeps the kids (and parents) on their toes.
*Speaking of toes— watch out for those candy-cravin' maniacs. Little feet crash down hard amidst an all-out stampede.
It's a blissful scene out on the farm. Everyone leaves smiling.
Come on out next year and get into it!

Here's to another gorgeous day, friends! Learn something new. 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

14/52- A Photo Challenge

Has spring EVER felt this glorious? 
After such an oppressive winter, the open change is evident on every living thing. 
Setting up for a season of outdoors-ing, Kai helped her dad paint one of our sheds. You won't believe what we found behind one of the old panels. Or maybe you will. Stay tuned…
And while one kid works, the other one...
Last year, Kaine kicked off Easter morning by murdering backyard bunnies. That won't be happening this year. Think he's showing signs of remorse? Shackled, sucka. 

70 degrees today? Yes, please.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One Man's Trash...

In Dibbida Dibbida SOLD, I told you about the annual auction we visit. 

We hit it again over the weekend.
Never disappoints.
Our girls stuck out like sore thumbs in their pink jackets and boots, but that's part of the gain in this experience.
It's important to feel out of place sometimes—
to recognize different walks of life,
to appreciate the unfamiliar. 
Scenes like this are a vast departure from my Northern Jersey upbringing, that's for sure.
But I'm completely into it.
Braving the knee-deep mud and brutal winds, I find more inspiration in tractor tires and rusted farm equipment than I ever did in display cases at The Short Hills Mall.
Bikes, horses and buggies redefine valet parking in the best way. 
There's incredible beauty in these piles of the past—proving that one man's trash is another man's treasure. 
Man, do I love living here.
Here's to finding the magic in every moment, friends.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours- Cally

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Mars In My Room GIVEAWAY

Previous post, Reachin' for the Moon!, tells the starstruck story of setting up Uncle Milton's Moon In My Room for our doting daughters.

Still a'glowin' in there.
We catch our space cases flipping through moon-phases, little remotes in hand, well after the "lights out" call. 

Moon In My Room setups are the coolest, so we're known to gift them as birthday prezzies for the budding scientists we love on planet Earth.

Science rules!
Mars In My Room
Even more outta sight?

Uncle Milton sent us a Mars In My Room to review (all opinions expressed here are my own) and they're generously offering to share one with YOU!

With a soft, orange glow, textured surface and its own remote control, this cosmic product most definitely motivates conversation around here.

Were you in on the topic of Mars One: A Reality TV Show in Space?
Because really now!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

13/52- A Photo Challenge

April showers have arrived.
Can you see our house in the raindrop?

This shot is entitled, "Skelly Jam Pants & the Amaryllis."

Sundays are for Princess Pancakes.

Kaira cracks up every time she sees this shot. Giggling uncontrollably, she snorts, "Kainey's smiling!"
I get more of a, "Get off the couch? Dare ya to make me." read. 
Counting down to a weekend with one of my besties! Get here already!

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