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Why You Need a Massage Table in Your Home
5 Bath Time/Grooming Products We Can't Quit
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Chile-cstacy at The Bowers Chile Pepper Festival
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Ride Safer Travel Vest
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For the Rockers and Escapists

Reading in the Dark?
For the Birds...& the Bird Nerds
Raising Readers
Choosing Favorites: My Top 5 Book Collections for Kiddos
Through a Different Lens: Introducing my Camera
"I'll Eat You Up, I Love You So"- Quiet Creek Farm
My Keychain Survival Guide
Made in the Shade with Sport-Brella
Grow Your Own Mushroom Project
Grow Your Own Crystal Project
Best Way to Deal with Knotted Hair
Raising Painted Lady Butterflies
Sun Print Projects
Enough on Your Plate?
Kickin' Back With Docs
Toilet Talk
Traces of Creativity
Turning Up the Heat- Cooking with Cast Iron
After Hours Puzzlin'
Foldable Potting Station AWESOMENESS
Let's Talk About Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps
Mutschlers'- Where the Garden Gnomes Want to Live
Shooting with a Telephoto Lens: Up Close and Personal

1 comment:

Kim said...

Hi Cally!
I so hope I'm in the right place to contact you!!!
I don't know how I found you and I truly hope you're still here.
We have a 2.5 year old Rottie, Bouncer. He'll be having a TPLO Surgery next week. Like another lady said, I'm extremely nervous about this whole thing!
It was very interesting to read your story about Kaine and also other people's comments and questions.
I have signed up for this "group" and again, hope I'm in the right place.
Please let me know if I am so I can continue the discussion with you and/or the others that are going through all this.
Thanks so very much!! Kim