Monday, November 12, 2012

Reading in the Dark?

Our Lil' Miss got a BOSS birthday present that I had to share with all you moms n' pops out there.

As always, let me remind you that I do not get paid to write about any product I review. Whenever merchandise makes us smile, I'm happy to toot the ole' happy horn (whaaa?!?) for the simple sake of sharing the joy.

Anyhoo, we busted out this new book, Nighttime Nursery Rhymes, and a flashlight to give it a go. After our last 30 hour stint without power (In the Dark with Frankenstorm), I wished we'd had this book for the big black out.
But I was thinking that this might be a great gift for a wee one who gets the heebie jeebies in the dark. It's healthy for children to create a positive association with being in the dark, and this book makes "lights out" super fun!

The concept is simple- read your nursery rhymes with a flashlight and then hold up each page, shine the light through the window and project an image that corresponds to each story anywhere in your room...on the ceiling, the wall, the floor.
Our kiddo couldn't get enough, and using this book opens up so much opportunity for discussion about light and shadows.
The morning after we experimented and discussed this book, our girl asked me, "Hey Mom? Why can't I see my smile in my own shadow?" Good question, kiddo! Let's talk about that...
We particularly enjoyed controlling the size of each projected image. It was cool to watch our daughter learn that moving the flashlight closer to the page would create a larger, more blurry projection and that pulling the light back would sharpen and shrink the image on the wall.
And, know YOU'RE going to want to try it, too. So, tack "taking turns"onto the list of benefits from using this book at bedtime.
Everyone is really excited about this new find. Even if we've read a more advanced story at bedtime, it's still fun to kill the lights and throw a couple projections up on the wall on my way out for the night.
I'm happy to leave her with her flashlight to experiment on her own as she simmers down for bed.

I truly believe that using this simple book will really spark creativity and initiate constructive question and answer sessions around here. I'm already seeing the lightbulb go on...oh wait, or off. You know what I mean.
Two thumbs up for this great little find! I would definitely recommend it for the tots- maybe even the wee-est babies as well.

So if you take it THERE, and really- you know it's going to go there, check out this site for rad hand shadow ideas.

Here's to bedtime! May the stars align and bring all the pipsqueaks, mommies and daddies a good night's sleep. Lights out!

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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