Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Brighter Shade of White

There's just something about the first true snowfall of the season…

Opening the curtains and taking in the reflective shock of white, always so enchanting. The world seems somehow renewed, illuminated, purer and more gracefully hushed than it was the day before.

The excitement of change builds in every living creature- the birds forage, children's eyes widen with wonder, the dogs frolic and pounce. Magic happens.

I'm an autumn girl at heart, inspired by the bold radiance of the changing leaves. White has never been my color, so cold, so sterile and blank. But when it snows...only when it snows, my eyes take in a brighter shade, and I see things a little differently.
The cover of snow reflects the color and spirit of everything alive. My daughters' cheeks seem rosier against the white world, the cardinal out my window blazes in my field of vision, the ebony wetness of my beast-dog's nose melts the snowflakes that coat it. As the fairy dust falls, I'm okay with white.

Suddenly, the shock of white guides my eyes to absorb the best colors they can find. And such color in the world.

I often long for vacations on the beach, against a backdrop of cobalt waters, verdant mountains and shards of ruddy warmth that swirl through the sky. But not today. Not when it's snowing and the world is pure and white.

Let it snow today. Let the white erase the autumn of yesterday and prepare a clean slate for the winter ahead. 

It's warm inside and magic is happening everywhere.
Bring it on.

How are you affected by the first true snowfall of the season? Ain't it purdy?
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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