Thursday, November 1, 2012

Real People Feature: Jen

Who are you?

Jennifer... friend, sister, daughter, wife, teacher- a woman with many stories, scars, life experiences....some good, VERY good...and others that are what helped define the person I have become today. 

What is the best advice you've ever given or received and why?

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  If you can dream it, you can become it."  This quote is from a silly inspirational card that my dad gave to me, right from his wallet, on the day he dropped me off at college. He also told me to keep my priorities straight... and I didn't think I did. However, when I look back at the broader picture, I can see that I actually did follow that advice. 

The card remained on my desk all through college. After college, it found its place on my bedroom mirror. It is a reminder that anything can happen as long as you want it to.
What has been the greatest challenge in your life and why?

The greatest challenge I face in life is my addictive personality.

I am constantly trying to fill some sort of void.  Even when I seem to have it all, there is something that is always missing.

Through years of therapy, I have been able to identify with many of my issues and work weekly to keep moving forward.  Every day is a struggle, but I try to remind myself of all the wonderful things that have come to me in this lifetime.
Jen's gorgeous wedding pictures were done by Sam Ellis Photography
What has been the greatest joy in your life and why?

Wow... that's a tough one.

There have been so many great joys in my life: graduating college, watching two babies enter the world, the joys of friendships,
happy memories with my grandparents, 
feeling the love from our newly rescued dog, feeling my heart swell as I fell in love with my nephew through a hospital window...
The greatest joy in my life was the moment I stood at the top of the bridge, arm and arm with my father, looked out at our wedding guests, and got ready to walk down the beach where I would marry my soul mate.  There are no further words to describe the pure joy and happiness I felt in that moment.
What is one thing you have not done that you really want to do and why?

I want to write a book... but there are so many chapters and stories that I wouldn't know where to begin.

How beautiful is this story? How beautiful is this girl?!? 

Anyone who knows Jen will tell you that she has such light, such charisma, such an ability to bring laughter and happiness everywhere she goes. I can't stop smiling just thinking about her right now. 

And how admirable of Jen to be open to working on her challenges in life. I really believe that everyone can benefit from talking through their adversities if they're open to the process. What are your strategies in making sense of your own personal hurdles?

Jen is way too much fun for a serious sendoff, so we're sending her high-nosed golf-claps and a silly-voiced "Hear, hear!" that I'm confident will resonate better than a formal thank you. 

You're the best, Jen. Now get to work on that chapter at a time. 

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