Monday, October 29, 2012

If You're Reading This...

Hello, Hurricaners!

If you're reading this, I guess your power hasn't kicked out yet- that or you're already in the dark, feeling far too colonial and desperately switching on and off between checking the weather reports and Facebook updates on this ludicrous Frankenstorm.

(Whoops. I'm sorry, Hurricane Sandy. Really, I didn't mean to insult you. You're really strong and great and all. Let's be friends, okay?)

Anyway, experiencing the intensity of this storm is certainly humbling, wouldn't you say?

If you haven't seen NASA's satellite time lapse video of this storm yet, you HAVE to check this out.

Such an incredible reminder of Mother Nature's inexorable power and majesty. Hop onto this link to watch this jaw-dropping video that reminds me of an artist mixing paints...only THIS artist is in a seriously foul mood.

And the section where day turns to night? Like whoa. It really puts things into perspective, eh?

Stay safe out there, people. Mama Nature isn't in the mood for foolishness, and we all know better than to make a fickle female angry, right?

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