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Sunrise in Kaua'i
Hey-o, new reader! Greetings and salutations!

If you've stumbled into this neck of the woods, I'm so happy to have you and hope you stick around to share bits of your knowledge and ask questions if you've got 'em!

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm the doting wife to a superman hub and Mother Hen to two energetic beauties and a massive "Beast" dog.

Before becoming a mother, I taught high school English to hundreds of students who have left a huge imprint on my heart. And because I miss our discussions, their striking depth and insight (teenagers are so underestimated sometimes) this blog was born in April of 2012 with the hope that our dialogues will keep us all learning and moving forward.
From My Hearth to Yours is a space for us to continue to grow- to continue to teach and learn from all of your insights and contributions. That being said, please feel free and encouraged to comment any time you wish. This blog is an open forum, a place where we learn from and inspire each other.

Q: What do you write about?
A: I write to spark the conversations we'd have while sitting around the hearth—feet up with a glass of Shiraz, friends.

Let's talk about interesting things we've read, tricks of the trades, stories worth remembering and lessons to keep close to heart.

There's art and nature in everything and as a scientific crew, we get down with research and reporting. Who doesn't love to learn cool new tricks? Post ideas when you have them!
I believe that, really, we're all just learning as we go—so let's help each other out.

Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: Woooowhee! Read about the bad boy, our Nikon D-5100 here.
Q: How can I contact you with questions or comments?
A: Email me here. Like I said, I love questions! I'll try my darndest to get back to you as soon as

Welcome to the Hearth! Speak up when you feel that groove and know that your voice is always appreciated here.

Drop by anytime. I'll save a seat for ya'.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

P.S. I've always enjoyed meeting a good character, and at a young age, I learned that every individual I share time with has a story to tell and a lesson to teach. That being said, if you're down to learn and share a bit more about yourself, consider contributing in a Real People Feature. Learn more here.

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Anne S. Winn said...

Hello, the sacred oak brought me to your blog. I too have had the seminal experience of visiting that amazing presence. I was commenting on someone's Facebook share, a poem. It brought me back to visiting that tree ten years ago or more. The memory of that tree remained vivid. I have since moved from my life long home in Chester County to the rainforest covered island of Dominica to retire. I am in the process of rehabilitating and old citrus grove 1900 feet up the side of the tallest mountain here. I hope to establish and demonstration organic permaculture farm. In an effort to be the change I want to see. Planting new trees when your 73 is an act of faith in the future. Maybe not mine but somebody's.
Anyway, I shared your blog post about the tree on my Facebook page. It might bring you some far off visitors. You never know.