Great Outdoors

This fam is full of outdoorsy peeps. As much as we appreciate our time in the woods, we're no fools. You've gotta be smart when you're traipsin' in the wild. I STILL cringe when Alice starts poppin' random mushrooms in Wonderland. What was that kid thinking?!? ---sigh.
We're constantly researching so that we can teach our kiddos to wise up when it comes to the various plants, fungi and creatures we encounter on our adventures.

You tiptoe through the TULIPS, kids, not that hardy poison ivy patch. Come on, now.
Check out some of the woodsy goodsies we've been teaching our girls about this year.
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The Real Giving Tree: The Legendary Sacred Oak of Oley
Build Your Own Igloo with Scaffolding

Do you get the willies when it comes to creepy crawlies? I've found that learning about insects and arachnids definitely helps overcome fear. These little wigglers are actually totally fascinating and pretty cool!

Check out my previous posts on some of the buggers we've found out here in eastern PA.
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