Monday, August 26, 2013

Stuck on a Limb? How to Rescue Animals Trapped In Trees

After tearing off into our yard, I heard Beast Dog barking, maniac-style...
at a tree?

Looking up, I spotted the problem.
Twelve feet in the air, holding on for dear life, Mr. Groundhog was in a definite jam.

And as ridiculous as this scene was, that spry rodent made a smart choice—
because groundhogs that encroach on Kaine-dog's turf are up against horrific odds.

This land beaver was "hanging around" our property for more than five hours when we realized that we couldn't, in good conscience, let him starve- stuck up in that tree. We did some brainstorming to make a rescue.
home made catch pole
Pushing rope through a long pipe, my clever fella created a makeshift copy of an animal control catch pole.

After clearing our disappointed Beast Dog from the scene, my hub carefully wrapped the catch pole loop around the groundhog's body and pulled him down so that he could safely hightail it outta here.

Set a groundhog free to roam our property?
Kaine lives here. He won't be back.
Even the simplest minds learn to stay away when they meet the ol' jaguar patrolling this plot of land.
While researching a plan to get this groundhog down, we found this hysterical story of a NYPD police officer who got HIMSELF stuck in a tree while trying to rescue a cat.

Simplify your rescue with a homemade catch pole!
Beast dogs on-duty will prevent repeat occurrences. 

Any other tips for rescuing animals that have gotten themselves into sticky situations? 

Have a freeing week, my friends.
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Gregdadof3 said...

LOL that is ingenious! 18 years in the fire service (only one or two cats in trees) I never thought of that. (and my kids think I can solve any problem :) ) I will certainly store that one away for future use!! Thanks. Greg

Cally said...

Told my fella about this comment...and it MADE. HIS. DAY. He's feeling rather proud of himself, which is kind of adorable. Thanks for that, Greg! :)