Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Song to Set the Mood

Have you heard Sam Cooke sing That's Where It's At?

Seriously, if this is a first for you, sit down and spend 2 1/2 minutes melting away...
Such a siren song.
Playing it will probably get you laid.
That's Where It's At
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This has just gotta be one of the smoothest, sexiest jams ever recorded.
Don't see how you could hear this groove and not wanna get loose. Gotta let those shoulders roll.
If you find yourself fixin' to set the mood, give ol' Sam some volume. He'll take over with soul that's where it's at

Get to swaying with Sam, Marvin or Al
All three? The perfect triumvirate to make any day better. Or night. 
:::high fives

And a slow-dancing shout out to our sweet homies, who added extra sentimentality and romance to this soulful tune by choosing it as my now #1 favorite wedding song. 'Twas the perfect choice, guys. 
Loved it. 
Love YOU.

Go listen, friends.
And have yourselves that same, sweet, slow-dancin' kind of day. Or night...
'cause that's where it's at.

What are your favorite songs to set the mood?
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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carl motel said...

Foxey Lady

Cally said...

An AWESOME choice! Totally agree. Jimi had a way, huh? :)