Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make Your Own Pepper Flake Mix- For Those Who Like It Hot

Oh hey there, hot stuff!

Feel like spicing up your grub this week?
A pepper-gasm with every meal?
make your own pepper flake mix
Last year, when I posted Spice It Up- Friday Night Pepper Project...and Contest, we realized that we were onto something smokin' HOT out here.

Now that our CSA peppers are back in abundance, we've been dehydrating again to create more lip-tingling deliciousness. This pepper flake mixture is just beyond, my friends. 

Lately, we have been pepper-dusting EVERYTHING—eggs, sandwiches, chicken, Mexican meals, seafood. Zing! 
make your own pepper flakes
Catch up here to make some of this bomb-diggety spicy pizazz for yourselves this season. 

And if pepper handlin' ain't your thang, hit up the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival next weekend to grab some pre-made HOT STUFF to start the new season right.

Dare you to enter the Jalapeno eating contest!
See you there, friends.

What's your favorite way to spice up grub? Share your tips. I'm a sucker for hot stuff!
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