Friday, December 12, 2014

Make a Headband Holder Out of an Oatmeal Container

Got all your girly headbands squished into a drawer?

Cut that out and try this fun project to make your own headband holder out of an oatmeal container!

You know your wrapping paper is already out this Decemeber.
Put it to good use. 
Pick up a standard 42oz. oatmeal container at your local grocery store. We emptied the contents into a large Ziplock bag for storage.

Dig through your wrapping paper arsenal and choose a print you like to cover the outside of the container.
Wrap and tape it up.
If your lid has a hard-to-remove label or logo, consider tracing the shape onto another piece of paper and wrapping that as well.
Gather your headbands and wrap them around the newly fashioned container.

The size fits headbands perfectly and keeps them neat and organized!
Try this easy modification with your kiddos!

Change the paper and design whenever the mood strikes, and this perfect shape will keep headbands from breaking or crumpling inside drawers.

Such a fun and simple way to get organized.
Get fancy!

If you have any other useful organizational tips for kiddo accessories, please send them our way.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Thanks Board- Part II

Our 2014 Thanks Board is almost complete.

Every morning in the month of November, at breakfast, we take turns listing and discussing something for which we are truly grateful.

We're happy to see some of the same selections as last year (see our 2013 Thanks Board here), but even more pleased with the mature conversations sparked by this project.

Sending out lots o' love to you and yours over this Thanksgiving holiday.
So much to be grateful for…
Snuggle up in the snow (safe travels, everyone!) and count your blessings!

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spicy Kale Chips: My Favorite Evening Snack

There are definite reasons why kale is all the rage.

High in vitamins, antioxidants, iron and calcium, the benefits of munching on this superfood are sure to impress.

When we started collecting bunches of kale from our local CSA, I began baking it into chips and got hooked.
spicy kale
My spicy kale chips are completely delicious, and their health benefits sure beat out my former evening snacks. Passing up chocolate for kale? Who'da thunk it?

-To prepare, preheat oven to about 325F. 
-Clean and dry about 4-5 kale leaves. 
-Tear into bite-sized pieces and spread over a baking sheet. 
-Lightly coat leaves with olive oil.
-Bake for about 10-15 minutes, flipping occasionally, to desired crispiness.
-Remove from heat and dust with seasoned salt and pepper flakes (see our amazing homemade recipe here). 
-Chow down!
spicy kale
Never thought I'd pass up my former evening snacks for kale chips, but I just can't get enough of the unique flavor and crunchy goodness. Jazzed up with my signature spice, these chips make an incredibly delicious…and healthy munchie.

Bake 'em and see.
Couldn't be a simpler or more scrumptious late night snack!

What are your favorite ways to prepare kale? Send us new ideas.
Have a happy chow sesh!

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Throw a Camping Theme Party

Got a camper in your crew?

We recently threw one BOSS camping-themed-birthday-party and wanted to share our shin-dig stylings with lil' campers everywhere.

Our party was in early November, and good weather was paramount. We planned outdoor activities, of course, so we kept our eye on the forecast. Keep a rain date set as a back-up plan. 
I found adorable camper party boxes, a camp-themed tablecloth, napkins, cups and plates, bug jars and bandanas (for party favors) at Oriental Trading Company and ordered several weeks in advance. 
Next, I hit up our local dollar store and found glow bracelets, bug stickers, tons of marshmallows, awesome LED flashlights and fun prizes to include in games, activities and the favor boxes. 
Prizes were stored in an old Easter basket for easy portability for the outdoor games. 

Also, weeks in advance, I ordered fun flannel shirts from Carters. These couldn't be cuter and were perfect for the camping theme. Other campers added vests, hats, scarves, boots, etc., and, of course, each kiddo got his/her own bandana in the favor boxes. 
We collected tons of gourds from our garden, purchased some Crayola washable paint and planned a gourd-painting event as one of the party activities. SO fun!
I threw paintbrushes, water cups, paper towels, smocks, extra bandanas, craft paper and googley eyes into a bag to easily tote out to the outdoor painting table.
We found these amazing signs and posted them all over our property to create a wonderful camping vibe.
 They added so much to the groove.
Our favorite was the welcoming sign, which we posted along with a camping lantern to usher guests toward our campground setting. 
Next, we planned a Scavenger Hunt for the kids to collect objects in the yard. Each guest was given his/her favor box immediately upon arrival so they could gear up and get ready for the events. Inside, we'd placed the Scavenger Hunt rules and items. They could use their boxes to store their found items.

We hid extra gourds all over the property to be found and collected during the Hunt. 
The first camper to complete the Scavenger Hunt chose a prize from the basket. 

We also had prizes for the most creatively painted gourd and the "Coolest Camper Award"-given to the camper who exhibited the most overall enthusiasm.
Inside, we prepared a "Kid Camper" table, for the birthday girl and her pals, a General Camper table, and an "Eagle Scout" table, which was reserved for the honored grandparents and adults. The kid table had the camper-themed plastic table cloth, and the Eagle Scout and General Camper tables were done up with traditional linens.
We added flameless candles and our own nature books to create centerpieces for each table in hopes that guests would flip through them and learn something new.
Wish I'd gotten a better photo, but we also added extra bandanas to create more striking centerpieces.
Then, I collected nature-themed objects from around our home to create areas of intrigue for the party. Here's a little set-up I put together for the guest bathroom. I added another flameless candle in here for evening ambiance.
As a family project, we dug out and prepared a new fire pit for the party. Stay tuned for the upcoming how-to.

Of course, we pitched our biggest tent for the party, and the children had a blast running in and out of their designated site.
We had a fire going as our flannel-shirted guests arrived and, naturally, it was a hot spot for gathering both kids and adults throughout the event.
Fun appetizer- clementines with organic celery stems, made to look like pumpkins!
When it was time for dinner, we all headed in to stuff it. After tons of food, our amazing Sweet Dutchess campfire cake (with edible flames!!!) came out for the big HAPPY BIRTHDAY ritual.
Campfire cake
As the evening rolled in and the darkness fell, the kiddos had a blast sporting their glow bracelets and flashlights.
Of course, we gathered 'round the campfire, roasted marshmallows, gabbed and giggled while sticky-handed kids ran back and forth between the fire pit and their tent. So fun!
One of the birthday girl's gifts, that awesome Uncle Milton Lantern, came in handy at the Smore Station!
You just can't beat a campfire, right?
The BIG prezzie of the night was this Orion FunScope Tabletop Reflector Telescope. Checking out that gorgeous moon with this scope was the icing on the cake! A perfect finale!
This turned out to be our favorite party yet, and it was a great way to welcome the cooler weather and celebrate all things AUTUMN!

We grown-ups even found time to sneak out to enjoy that campfire long after the kiddos were conked for the night. BONUS!

So what's the next theme party? Ooooooh whee, do we have a fun idea brewing for the next celebration. Stay tuned…

What are some other ideas for fun birthday theme parties for kids? Feel free to share your creativity here!

Happy camping, friends!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hen-of-the-Woods (Maitake) Mushrooms: Eat THIS!

He did it. 
That mushroom-hunting fella o' mine scored big this weekend.

It's true that our crew gets reeeeeeeally into scouring our local hot spot for morels in the spring, but the hands down winner of most delicious 'shroom goes to this fall find— the hen-of-the-woods. 
maitake mushroom
Gorgeous and delicious hen-of-the-woods on a log
And NOW is the time to find 'em!

Hen-of-the-woods, called "maitake" (which translates to "dancing mushrooms" in Japan because those who find them tend to dance with joy!) has been used in traditional eastern medicine to enhance the immune system for thousands of years. Check out this info from the American Cancer Society about the benefits of consuming this 'shroom!

Uber healthy AND scrumptious?
maitake mushroom
Hen-of-the-woods scores are usually BIG!
Scan living hardwoods (especially oak and occasionally conifers) and decaying wood for large, grayish brown and white clusters at the base.

Always positively identify your 'shrooms before consuming, but once you've confirmed…DO cook and chow down on these completely delicious delicacies!

I'm not even the biggest mushroom fan, but MAN, I'll tell ya…sauté these in a bit of butter and garlic and prepare for some gourmet goodness.

Toss 'em on top of your eggs. Breakfast has never tasted so good.
maitake mushroom
Give a scan while you're out enjoying the glorious splendor of fall, and see if you can't bring home something WAY better than bacon to add some oomph to your dining table.

You won't believe how delicious these are.
Happy hunting!

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours
***NEVER eat ANY raw mushroom in the wild and make absolutely sure you have positively identified any mushroom you intend to consume.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 Unconventional Tips for Soon-to-Be Mamas

Baby on the way?

Some of my favorite ladies are about to swan dive into motherhood, and I've been thinking about the bombardment of warnings, wisdom and wackadoo that came at us from every angle during my pregnancies.

Since our daughters brightened our world, people have asked for my best advice on becoming a new mother.

After great consideration, my list is unconventional, short and simple.

1. Celebrate your body…and your boobs.

Take a photo every week. Love your changing body and embrace every moment of the ride. You're totally beautiful while pregnant, without a doubt.
Invest in a great bra, celebrate your boobs and let the girls ride high! It's THEIR time now. Trust me on this.

2. Prepare for meddlers.

It seems that EVERYone has two-cents on pregnancy, birthing and parenthood. There's no way around it. Unless you plan to hide away in an underground fallout shelter for the rest of your life, learn to handle meddling with class.

Polite nods. Gentle smiles. Thanks but no thanks. Devise a plan of action to deflect unwanted advances, but try to stay cool, calm and collected.
Image Credit
Babies trigger excitement in so many hearts, and it's hard for people to contain their own nostalgia.
Remember that others have been there done that, so although some advice might seem outdated or not right for you, there could be something valuable to gain from those who have been down that road before.


3. Invest in a bad ass camera.

Do it today. Cell phone shots just ain't gonna cut it anymore.

We didn't get our bad boy camera until after our second child was born. Mistake.
Every B.C. photo (before camera) pains us. The difference is unreal. Get some muscle to make your memories more stunning. Worth every penny.

4. Take time for YOU before the baby arrives.

Be in the moment and appreciate your strength.
Image Credit
Need a vacation? Go.
Feeling achy? Get a prenatal massage and have lunch with your besties.

You (and everyone else) will spend the rest of your lives spoiling your wee one, so take the time to spoil yourself now. You deserve it.

5. Trust yourself.

Know that we all make mistakes, not everything always goes as planned and perfect pregnancies, deliveries or parents are as rare as two-headed unicorns.
Image Credit
Trust your instinct and be strong in the confidence that you've got this.

Be willing to always be working on yourself—to grow with the changes in your life so you can be an incredible role-model for your child.

You can do this.
Know that you'll be great and prove it every day.

Welcome to the best ride of your lives…

What's the best advice you have for the soon-to-be-mamas out there?

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Eliminate Odor from Lunch Boxes

It only took a few days for our kiddo's new lunch box to get a dousing of spilled milk. 
If there's any smell that gives me the heaves, old milk—

HAD to be remedied, STAT. 

The ol' soap and rinse couldn't cut through that lingering stench, so I got to researching and compiled a three-step attack combo that finally did the job.

Step 1- After a thorough soap and water cleaning, I dumped baking soda inside the box and shook it around. To activate the baking soda, I sprayed a 50:50 white vinegar and water mixture on top and let it sit for about 5 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing.

Step 2- I towel dried the inside of the box, filled it with crumpled newspaper to absorb residual odor and left it overnight. 
After this, the smell was almost gone, but a faint, gag-worthy trace remained.

Step 3- I soaked three cotton balls in vanilla extract and left them inside the lunch box for several hours.

Aaaaaand DONE-ZO!
No lingering stench!

I really thought I might have to toss this brand new lunch box if I couldn't solve this problem. Gagging while packing sandwiches is no good. Can't imagine how kids in the caf would react to chowing down next to a sour milk bag. Buh.

Tackle stink with these three simple steps and keep those appetites kickin'! Don't forget to leave a love letter along with the pack.

Any other tips for eliminating odors? Please add them to the comment list below.
Stink be gone!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Preparing Houseplants for Fall & Winter

Winter is coming, but with warm autumn days upon us, it's the perfect time to ready houseplants for the big chill. 

Like everything else in our homes, houseplants get dusty over time. 

Pretty tedious to go over every leaf with a wet paper towel, and dusters just don't do the trick, so NOW is the time to give your greenery a good washing!

Choose a sunny afternoon and haul your pots outside for a seasonal cleaning. 
Remove any dead leaves or branches from the soil and, where appropriate, trim up your plants to promote healthy growth.

Once you've tidied up the scene, give your greenies a shower! Build up of dust and dirt on leaves can inhibit growth, so use a watering wand attachment on your hose to rinse off any accumulation.

If your plants tolerate direct light, let them bask in the sunlight to dry, but be sure to bring them back inside before any risk of frost.

Once your beauties are back indoors, find the perfect placements for fall and winter months. Some plants require more sunlight as seasons change, so consider the needs of each and rearrange to accommodate.
Avoid overwatering during the colder months and hold off on fertilization until the spring, when your plants are ready for new growth. Set 'em up in sunny spots away from any harsh drafts and enjoy your gorgeous greenery while we weather the wilds of winter.

For more tips on fall and winter houseplant care, check out this HGTV article and this resource from the National Gardening Association.

Go green ALL year long, friends!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lunchbox Love Letters

I've always been a note-writer…
passing them in football-shaped fold-ups in school,
hiding them under pillows and in drawers to surprise loved ones, 

Now that our eldest has started school, we've been packing extra punch in her lunchbox—
a love letter a day.
We keep a pen and paper right next to our lunch packing station and take turns leaving messages for our kiddo to read during her afternoon chow sesh. 

I remember the childhood thrill of finding lunchbox messages from my own mama—like a great big hug from far away, and the love in that ink and paper goes a long way in brightening any day.

Our darlin' loves her notes, and she's sure to remind us to leave her a message every day. 
Writing the letters takes mere seconds, but the memories of the love within last a lifetime. 

Keep your paper and pen nearby, and remind your peanuts that you're thinking of them, even when they're away. It'll make them smile. 

A little bit of love goes a long way.
Make your mark on someone's heart.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How NOT to Prepare Ghost Peppers

You know me.
I love-a-dee-spice.

I admit my passion for peppa has been a little out of hand lately.

There was that Chile Pepper Fest and all.
And I came home like this.

Fella bought me three of the formerly-named hottest peppers in the world. Check out the yellow and red ghost (see Bhut Jolokia) peppers on top of this pile. 


Couldn't wait to get into those, but I had to admit intimidation. My ghost experiences had been via hot sauces alone. I'd never handled the actual bad boys.

Never prepared them.
I'd also never had to evacuate my family from our home while cooking.
So here's a little heads up to those of you who have the pepper itch and are about to get down with the goods.


While whipping up the most amazing enchilada dinner in history, I went for the kick and sautéed ONE ghost pepper (I used gloves to cut it) in olive oil. 

Heat aerosolizes capsaicin…so within minutes, I'd pepper-gassed my entire family. 
We burst outside, eyes teary and red, backs of our throats a'zingin'. 
One of my kids puked from coughing.
It was seriously like a military drill. 

:::shakes head in naive shame

Don't ever ever ever cook Bhut Jolokia peppers in your home, 'kay? 
Imagine if I'd sautéed all three?!?

Again, once the fog cleared, the cooked peppers were fantastically delicious, so if you're into the spicy scene, I'd suggest cooking WAY outdoors or use my preferred method of peppering and dehydrate to Make Your Own Pepper Flake Mix
Bhut Jolokia peppers
Cooked ghost pepper is inside the central glass dish. Yum!
I'll be researching and experimenting with my remaining ghost peppers to find the most practical and effective methods for food incorporation. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

In the meantime, watch this dude eat a whole Bhut Jolokia pepper…and don't do THAT either. 

Respect the hot stuff, be cautious and send me recipes!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stink Bugs Are Coming, Yet We'd Like to Propose a Toast

On a crisp September evening, fella and I poured a smooth Syrah and nestled in for the night. 

Regular readers will understand why we've previously covered our wine glasses with coasters on TOP between sips. 

But lately, our glasses remain blissfully uncovered and our home lacks its familiar buzz.
No swearing, no swatting, no wiping up stankin' SCAT!

Yes, ever since I posted GOODBYE Stink Bugs! We're Fortified! we've been closer to fine, my friends.
It might just be working!

With our fortress resided, we've been resealing entryways and windows to prepare for the upcoming onslaught that occurs at the end of every September. As the air cools down, those suckers are gonna try to make their way back INto our homes. 

This year, we'll be ready…more ready than ever before. 
In just a few short weeks, we'll know the true strength of our valiant efforts.
Not THIS time, spawn!
Until then, we'll be toasting, glasses uncovered, to a stink bug-free year. We can do this. 
Sayonara, suckas! :::clink

Are you getting fortified to keep spawn outta your scene? Make your moves now!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Foldable Potting Station AWESOMENESS

My favorite prezzie this year?

Fella got me this (he ordered it hereMerry Garden Foldable Wood Potting Bench for my birthday and, suffice it to say, I DIG! Merry Garden potting station
Its awesomeness is just beyond.

Easy to move, we popped it open on our deck and I had at it—loading 'er up with all my previously scattered potting goodies.

The space, design and organizational features have made potting/repotting so much more fun and convenient this season. 
Merry Garden potting station
Even though the leaves are already a'changin', we just returned from greenhouse adventuring and scored some new pots and indoor plants.

Guess I'll be benching all the way into autumn!

Best part?
Once the cold starts setting in, we'll simply fold our station up and store it for the winter.

SUCH a cool product. Couldn't be more psyched to add this bench to the mix.
Anything to getchya growin'!

A perfect gift for the green thumb-ers out there.
Christmas is coming…

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours
*This is not a sponsored post. Just writing about a product we love!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bio Bidet GIVEAWAY and Coupon Code!

In previous post, Toilet Talk, I went there and told you about the remote-controlled toilet seat that revolutionized the bathroom experience for our family and friends.

*We purchased our seat at standard cost, receive no commission from Bio Bidet sales and were not gifted any products for posts. This is simply a company and product we would absolutely recommend.
Our family members rock the BB-1000 Supreme Advanced 
For real though. Friends come over and sneak upstairs to use THE toilet.
Because it's the raddest.

When sitting pretty…
our BB-1000 seat, with its built-in warmer, is never cold…even in the dead of winter,
we get the cleanest nethers in town
and all biz is wrapped up with a nice, warm air-dry-hurrah!

It's bonkers, but really kind of wonderful—a party in the can!
On vacation, Bio Bidet peeps miss their thrones at home.

Wanna check it out?

The Bio Bidet team is generously offering up a simple starter bidet attachment system for one lucky Hearth reader!

Get into the squeaky clean scene with the ($49.00 value that fits ALL toilets) Simplet BBC-70.
WIN this Simplet BBC-70!
With easy, do-it-yourself installation and no electricity or batteries required, use adjustable water pressure to get into the Bio Bidet experience. You're gonna giggle…and love this thing.

Ready to make a purchase already? Wanna skip all the simple stuff and move right on up to the heated, remote-controlled seat scene?

All readers can use promo code frommyhearthtoyours at checkout for a 20% discount on any Bio Bidet purchase, from now until the end of 2014!

Here's to having a happy go-time!
BBC-70 Simplet Basic Natural Water Bidet
Feel funny leaving your name on a post to win a bidet?
Flush those fears and fret not.

When entering, your email address is kept hidden (only necessary for me to contact winner). You don't have to post your real name in the comment list, so here's a chance to get creative. Maybe Johnny Onaspot or Lou Ready will win this prize. 
So, how do you nab the prize?

Leave a comment on this blog post. A randomizer program will select one lucky winner from the comment list on this page to take home the goods!  (1 entry)

Wanna increase your odds?
"Like" From My Hearth to Yours on Facebook for one additional entry. Already on board? Comment separately below and, I do declare, you'll be swimming in that game pool twice! Always trying to increase the odds for regular readers here at the Hearth! (1 entry)

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Lastly, feel free to share the link to this giveaway on FB or Twitter for one more entry. Comment on this post to let me know you've shared. (1 entry)

Good luck!

*Giveaway is open to ALL From My Hearth to Yours readers until Wed, Aug 27th 2014 at 9p.m. EST. Winner will be announced on Thurs, Aug 28th. If prize is unclaimed after 72 hours, the next number in the randomizer list will be declared the winner.  Free shipping in contiguous USA only.