Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How NOT to Prepare Ghost Peppers

You know me.
I love-a-dee-spice.

I admit my passion for peppa has been a little out of hand lately.

There was that Chile Pepper Fest and all.
And I came home like this.

Fella bought me three of the formerly-named hottest peppers in the world. Check out the yellow and red ghost (see Bhut Jolokia) peppers on top of this pile. 


Couldn't wait to get into those, but I had to admit intimidation. My ghost experiences had been via hot sauces alone. I'd never handled the actual bad boys.

Never prepared them.
I'd also never had to evacuate my family from our home while cooking.
So here's a little heads up to those of you who have the pepper itch and are about to get down with the goods.


While whipping up the most amazing enchilada dinner in history, I went for the kick and sautéed ONE ghost pepper (I used gloves to cut it) in olive oil. 

Heat aerosolizes capsaicin…so within minutes, I'd pepper-gassed my entire family. 
We burst outside, eyes teary and red, backs of our throats a'zingin'. 
One of my kids puked from coughing.
It was seriously like a military drill. 

:::shakes head in naive shame

Don't ever ever ever cook Bhut Jolokia peppers in your home, 'kay? 
Imagine if I'd sautéed all three?!?

Again, once the fog cleared, the cooked peppers were fantastically delicious, so if you're into the spicy scene, I'd suggest cooking WAY outdoors or use my preferred method of peppering and dehydrate to Make Your Own Pepper Flake Mix
Bhut Jolokia peppers
Cooked ghost pepper is inside the central glass dish. Yum!
I'll be researching and experimenting with my remaining ghost peppers to find the most practical and effective methods for food incorporation. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

In the meantime, watch this dude eat a whole Bhut Jolokia pepper…and don't do THAT either. 

Respect the hot stuff, be cautious and send me recipes!

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