Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stink Bugs Are Coming, Yet We'd Like to Propose a Toast

On a crisp September evening, fella and I poured a smooth Syrah and nestled in for the night. 

Regular readers will understand why we've previously covered our wine glasses with coasters on TOP between sips. 

But lately, our glasses remain blissfully uncovered and our home lacks its familiar buzz.
No swearing, no swatting, no wiping up stankin' SCAT!

Yes, ever since I posted GOODBYE Stink Bugs! We're Fortified! we've been closer to fine, my friends.
It might just be working!

With our fortress resided, we've been resealing entryways and windows to prepare for the upcoming onslaught that occurs at the end of every September. As the air cools down, those suckers are gonna try to make their way back INto our homes. 

This year, we'll be ready…more ready than ever before. 
In just a few short weeks, we'll know the true strength of our valiant efforts.
Not THIS time, spawn!
Until then, we'll be toasting, glasses uncovered, to a stink bug-free year. We can do this. 
Sayonara, suckas! :::clink

Are you getting fortified to keep spawn outta your scene? Make your moves now!

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