Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stink Bugs in the Dead of Winter

Seriously, you guys.

In the dead of winter, with land that has been covered for weeks in snow and ice, the inside of our otherwise lovely home is literally buzzing with brown marmorated stink bug EFFERS!

Scenery ruined.
If you've read my previous posts, Our House- The All-Inclusive Stink Bug Resort, Ten Scenes of Horror: Living with Stink Bugs, and Stink Bugs: They're Baaaaaack!, you know we've got a bit of an issue out here.

It's no joke.

This disturbing cohabitation has gotten so intense that we have committed to a serious scientific eradication mission.

Again, it's either that or we're moving.
Because they're everywhere.
And they're still crapping all over the joint.
We've made light traps. Minimal progress.
Relentlessly, we collect and destroy every miserable spawn that creeps in our paths.
Still they thrive.

For years, we've been taking notes of observations.
But this winter, we're seeing a new pattern.
God help us all.
Usually, we find the most stink bugs in our home as soon as it gets warm outside—in late spring, when they awaken from their slumber and begin to sneak out of our home to get outdoors to the fields.

We've noted another rush of swarming in mid-autumn—when they make a beeline to find warmth indoors to survive the winter.
If this is any indication of what May will be like, I'm tweaking already.
In the past, they've stayed dormant for most of the cold season, but this year…during the coldest, most brutal winter we've had in years, they're kickin' it big time out here.

What gives?

Another interesting observation- this winter, most of the stink bugs we've collected have been smaller, quicker adolescents as opposed to the typical adults we usually see.

So what now?

:::start Terminator theme song here and listen while you continue reading:::

We've got a plan—
a hardcore, aggressive, pull-out-all-the-stops battle plan.

What does this entail?
Stay tuned for the upcoming war tactics.
This is gonna be big.

In the meantime…
stink bug snowballs.
If you come across anyone studying stink bugs, please get us connected.  They need to study this hub while we embark on the most aggressive stink bug eviction ever.

We're gonna do this.

What stink bug observations have you made this year? 
If this new stink bug with attitude is really headed our way, we'd ALL better get prepared.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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Cally said...

We do the same, Chris—then we put the bottle in the freezer. Have you ever LOOKED inside your bottles? So disgusting. They secrete their stink in there and they turn the inside of the bottles brown. It's just beyond…

Fascinating that you, too, are noticing adolescent size. This has to be significant. We should start new careers. STINKBUSTERS! :)