Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stain Mania: A Simple Furniture Makeover

We've had this old, unfinished chest hanging around in our basement for years.
I had a vision. Go time!
After a quick sanding, to remove any imperfections, I used a hand broom and Shop Vac to clear off any remaining dust.

Next, using Zar Wood Stain and a thin brush, I filled in all the crevices and then rubbed the stain into the wood with an old sock.
 Staining all these hard-to-reach- areas was the hardest part of the job. After this…easy peasy.
Once my gaps were filled in, I dipped my sock directly into the stain can and rubbed it into the wood. Keep extra rags on hand. Once yours becomes saturated, you'll need a clean rag to absorb excess stain.
 When your piece is entirely stained, allow ample dry time in a well ventilated area.
Once completely dry, I used one coat of amber Bulls Eye Shellac to finish and seal the entire chest. 
After the shellac was thoroughly dry, we added standard and safety hinges- to protect curious little fingers from the heavy lid. 
Such a vast improvement!
Our old new chest can easily store blankets, toys, books…and two children. Tried and tested. 
Love it!

It's amazing what a can of stain and a little shellac can do to update wood pieces around the house.
Try it and see. Feel free to link to your before and after photos. We'd love to check out your projects.
Here's to makin' the most outta what you've got!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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