Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Reasons Why Wearing Eyeglasses Is a Drag

If you read last week's post Preparing for LASIK Surgery, you know that I'm stuck wearing glasses for most of this month.

My doctor says that everyone will need corrective lenses eventually, so this post is a call for help. Those of you with years of experience managing glasses, how do you cope with these 10 bummers?
1. Between kids fingerprinting the lenses, wayward toothpaste splatter and steam from opening the oven, keeping glasses clean is enough to drive a sista bonkers. Without the perfect cleaning tools on hand at all times, lens smears spread into a dizzying blur-fest. Come ON!

2. Try showering blind. Without specs, you've gotta rely on touch alone to determine if you've missed a spot shaving. I'm in there holding bottles an inch away from my face. Shampoo? Conditioner? Absurd.

3.Whaddya need wipers for these things? Trying to hang in the snow storms with my girls, I feel like I'm seeing underwater. Walk. Wipe. Toss snowball. Wipe. Wet lashes. Wipe. :::buzz kill
4. Wanna take a lil' snuggle-break or nap? Gotta lose the lenses. You can't stuff your face against pillows to cozy up for prime time either— unless you're down with frames digging into your head. Drag.

5. The night time fumble makes me insane. What time is it? Oh, let me feel around for my glasses, which inevitably knock onto the floor and slide under my bed while I'm reaching. Awesome.
6. Ladies, please. How do you manage makeup with glasses? With a small mirror 3 inches from my face, I'm trying to swing a one-handed eyeliner application that simply will not do. Boo.

7. Sunglasses. How? Seriously.

8. I'm pretty bummed that I'll be stuck squinting if I want to swim with my kiddos this month. What do swimmers with glasses DO? Blind breaststroke? Um...

And although I can manage yoga in glasses, vigorous workouts are more of an issue. Sweaty specs? Ew.
9. Hair outta control? Need a spritz? Gotta stash your specs or you'll be scrubbing product off those lenses (see #1). Guess you've just gotta go at it blind for both hair and makeup.

10. The big one...dependency. What if these suckers break? Back ups on hand all the time?
I currently rely on four things in life—family, friends, coffee and birth control. Corrective lenses don't make the cut.
Now don't get me wrong, there are some pros to wearing eyeglasses.

Aside from clear vision, they offer extra protection against sand, dust and debris, have the potential to add some style into your daily groove, and if you're like Piggy from Lord of the Flies, they can increase your chances of survival if you're stranded on an island.

But we all remember how that turned out so…
With that in mind, I'd say it's best to keep all senses sharp.
For me, contacts lenses were a bummer at times but reliance on glasses is a substantially bigger drag.

All eyes ahead for this LASIK. Make me see!
Until then, coping strategies are welcome.

How do you deal with wearing glasses?
Counting down to clarity!
Have a happy week, friends.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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Jenny Keller said...

Oh goodness Cally... I don't cope with glasses. I switch between them and my contacts. Some days for the style, others because I ran out of the house without thinking to put my other eyes in. I think you forgot to mention that after having kids, naps, and knocking them off the dresser, they also get loose and give you a headache. Or when someone steps on them. Please please tell me how awesome LASIK is as my mom had hers done oh... ten years ago... so my info isn't so fresh.
My eyes are so bad that the doctor in Hamburg said he didn't have a scale for my numbers... My prescription is so thick, if it were in regular glass I'd never keep the glasses on because of the weight. I have to pay a couple hundred extra just to get specialty plastic lenses so that the frames can actually close, because the precsription is also too thick for certain plastics.

The upside? I've gotten reeeaal good at being blind.

Cally said...

Isn't it the pits, Jenny?!?
I'm so OVER this blindness.
Can't say I'm not nervous for this LASIK procedure, but if it works, it will be the best move I could make. Fingers, and toes, crossed.
Will report, for sure.
Hang in there, sister!