Monday, February 17, 2014

Build Your Own Igloo with Scaffolding

Wasn't anticipating a winter wacky enough to warrant an igloo-construction post, but it has been dumpin' this season.

And it just keeps coming down…
So igloos are where we're at these days.

My fella is the kinda guy who totally would find a way to scaffold a snow home. If you're not trying to go "all in" like THIS guy, (who used real ice blocks and made the most slammin' backyard igloo ever!) use outdoor furniture to frame yours. Keep it stable for longer!
scaffold igloo
Using a circular picnic table and benches, (really should have stowed this for the season-but igloos out of molehills) Lee grabbed a children's pail and began filling in the space between the "frame" of the set.

During the next snowfall, a larger bucket was used to fill in remaining gaps.
scaffold igloo
And although there were a lot of snow-eating breaks for the "helpers," the kids put in some effort filling buckets and packing snow between each brick for reinforcement.

Once the bricks were laid, a shovel was used to pack more snow around the framework.
scaffold an igloo
Helping hands worked to smooth 'er out and…
scaffold igloo
This structurally sound igloo is sure to stick around longer than our unsupported 7-foot-snowwoman, who keeled quickly...
as some do 'round these parts.

I've got faith in this here igloo though.
She's solid.
And with more white on the way, it's only gonna get better from here.
scaffold igloo
Now taking bets.
How long do you think she'll last?
You know I'll report.

Any resourceful tips on igloo construction? Send 'em along!
Have a thumbs-up kind of week, peeps.

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Bethany said...

Our snowman seriously fell during the "ice/drizzle" part of the blizzard only an hour after we made him. Poor Sven! But Emelia calmed Alice down by telling her he was just laying down to sleep :)