Monday, February 3, 2014

Preparing for LASIK Surgery

I'm doin' it.

My vision is pretty beat, friends, and I've had it with the dependency on contacts lenses/glasses.

If you wear contacts, you know.
There are the days when something is stuck on that lens and scratches at my eyeball all day.
There are mornings where my eyes will tear for hours, despite incessant lens cleanings.
There are nights when taking my contacts out is as relieving as finally taking off my bra.

I'm done with it all.
It's time to LASIK these peepers.

So it's on now.
After research, a lengthy consultation and initial testing, I signed on to zap 'em.

Tomorrow will hopefully be the last day I have to endure contact lenses again.
Starting mid-week, I must wear glasses only so that my eyes are in tip top shape for surgery at the end of the month.

Now I loathe wearing glasses, but I'll get through this three week stint knowing that every day inches me closer to freedom from blurriness.

I'm all in.
Talk me up!

Did you or anyone you know have LASIK? Send tips my way to help me prep for the big day. 
Here's to seeing clearly and feelin' free!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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Unknown said...

Actual LASER time is proportionate to the intended correction and usually between 20-50 seconds for most patients. However, including preparatory time, the time duration will be 10-15 minutes. Post surgery you may require rest for about 2 hours before discharge. Pre-treatment evaluation is done by appointment and evaluation involves up to 2 hours for comprehensive eye exams refraction, topography and pachymetry with no hospitalization required.