Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stink Bug Hideout

While painting one of our sheds this week, we found something suspicious behind a panel. 

You guessed it, didn't you?

Stink bug hideout extraordinaire. 
Hundreds of spawn clearly gathered here, creepin' behind the panel for shelter.

These must be less intelligent stinkers, as those with higher IQs made a beeline for our home instead.

But what's up with this webbing?
At first we thought NESTS, but after reading up, it doesn't sound like nests are characteristic of stink bugs.
Or are they?
Is there some other creature out there looking to prey on stink bugs?

This Rutgers site explains that assassin bugs do go after stinkers and, naturally, we've got those nasties here as well (see previous post BUG OUT! Assassin/Wheel Bugs for more horror), but they don't make webs.

Although this site claims that the praying mantis and some spiders occasionally dine on spawn, the quantity of the webbing surrounding the stink bugs perplexes us.

Any thoughts, you guys?

Come ON, stink bug scientists. Don't you wanna come study here?
You're so very invited to scan our hub.
Till then…onto Phase 2.
Stay with us now.
It's coming.
The big one.

If you have ideas,  info or resources to aid us in our research, you know we're all ears.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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Ashley Fetherolf Myers said...

Can't wait to get our MARS!!!! Will let you know how much we love it when it arrives :)