Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why We've Been FEEDING & SAVING Stink Bugs

Shaking your head yet?
Wondering if I've gone totally wackadoo?

You heard me right.

Not only am I collecting and saving stinkers instead of the standard slaughter, I'm feeding them as well.
Weirder still?

I'm keeping them hydrated,
cleaning their messes,
and changing their food.

Say whaaaaaaa?

We've crossed over, changed our thinking and decided it's time to make bolder moves for mass destruction. 
Because that's enough now.

After contacting a local research lab, we began collecting and caring for every bugger we'd otherwise gleefully murder. 
Stink bug cage with food and water vessels
A young, bright and completely AWESOME scientist brought us a collection cage, fresh carrots and green beans (to balance their diet) and water vessels to keep spawn healthy during captivity.
Our mission now is to collect and send off as many bugs as possible, with the hope that our contribution can aid in evicting stinkers for good.

Ask around and look for a local collection site near you. 
stink bug cage
We catch bugs in an old pill jar,  pull off the cage's net, toss 'em in and them ship 'em outta here.
If you live near Rutgers, you can drop off live specimen here, send them to Eastern NY-Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Project here, Oregon State Department of Agriculture here, or Texas AgriLife Research here

And that was just a 5-minute search. 

Imagine how many other places are looking…and might even PAY for your stink bug specimens?

Most importantly, each bug collected will help scientists find a way to eradicate STANKIN' SPAWN from our turf. 
We've sent off over 165 stinkers so far!
All stinks need a constant water source (we have cotton soaked in water, but you can use damp paper towels) and a few fresh green beans and carrots for a balanced diet (replace veggies once they show signs of spoilage as the mold will kill your POWs). 

Been throwing uppercuts at stink bugs whizzing by in your family room?
Find a research center near you, suck it up, trap, collect and pass them off to the scientists.
Lend a hand to help send spawn on their way, would ya?

Our biggest home eradication move of all is about to go into action.
Stay tuned…

Here's to a stink-free scene!

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