Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Convert a Bookshelf into a Storage Headboard

Whenever I pop into my daughter's room, I wonder if the mess qualifies for disaster relief. 
Kid needs storage and organization tactics. Quick.

We've had this old, unfinished bookshelf laying around forever. Out of necessity, I decided to amp it up  for use as a headboard in our kiddo's bedroom. 
Bookshelf- with makeshift sides to be used as supports for conversion
To start, I jazzed up that bookshelf with a fresh coat of stain and shellac.
Check out previous post Stain Mania for specifics on how to add pizazz to unfinished pieces. 
After allowing ample dry time, my husband screwed supports into the bottom of the piece and we brought 'er upstairs for the big set up.
Our daughter had such a blast filling her new headboard with books, toys, photos and trinkets.

Now, she has easy access to some of her favorite goodies and shouldn't need to be bouncing 'round the room after lights out. Everything she needs is immediately within reach!
Clean-up has been much more convenient with the additional storage space.
Converting this old bookshelf into a useful, storage-filled headboard couldn't have turned out better!
LOVE the look. LOVE the functionality.
This was an incredibly simple, successful project that will be enjoyed for years to come. 
Two thumbs up for thwarting kid room clutter!

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