Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LASIK Follow-Up Report: The Dry, Hazy Truth

I posted LASIK- 7 Notes for a Clearer Future two weeks after my procedure was completed. 

Now, over 3 months later, an honest update is due.
For me, things are a little dry and hazy.
Gotta keep it real.

I was told that it's common for LASIK patients to need time for newly corrected eyes to adjust, so I haven't been too worried about my less-than-perfect distance clarity.

But at my 3-month follow-up appointment, my doctor determined what I already suspected—my eyes have become so dry from the procedure that my distance vision is slightly compromised (I'm at 20/20 and 20/40).

Naturally, I prefer greater visual precision. Gotta make some moves to improve clarity.

I've been feeling pretty bummed out that I could see more clearly with my contacts, and this squinting biz is the pits, so I'm all in for following orders to improve distance clarity. 
LASIK dry eye
The plan is as follows:
1. Use artificial tears as often as possible, every hour if I can remember.
2. Take odorless fish oil supplements daily.
3. Begin using prescription Restasis drops both morning and night for several months.

All relatively simple steps but worth a warning to those of you who are considering LASIK. If you're on a budget, you know that LASIK ain't cheap. Insurance doesn't cover much and you'll likely pay a hefty out-of-pocket sum. 

If you, too, end up with dry eyes after the procedure, the cost of drops, supplements and prescriptions starts adding up quickly. 

LASIK was expensive on its own, and now with dry eyes, my current treatments are getting pricey.
Food for thought if you know you'll break the bank on the procedure. Remember that follow up care might get costly as well.

If my current situation doesn't improve after several months, the next step will be to insert punctal plugs in both tear ducts to block drainage. It sounds worse than it is—a simple, in-office procedure.

You KNOW I'll be reporting as time passes.
Just wanted to keep you in the loop if you're weighing LASIK pros and cons. 
Do your homework. 

The ultimate question- Do I regret getting LASIK?
Nope. I packed an overnight bag last weekend with no glasses, contact cases or solutions and felt so liberated. And today, I'll be swimming without the worry of losing a lens! No regrets at all.

The process worked. It's just not perfect. Yet.
Will update soon.

Open for questions and advice if you're into this.
Here's to clarity!

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