Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why You Should Drive Across the Country

In 2003, Fella and I drove across the country and back. 
It was, definitely, one of the most fulfilling adventures of our lives. 

With our Jeep packed full of camping equipment, clothing-stuffed duffle bags, food, water, one basic cell phone (with no Internet) and a big ol' road map (no GPS)...

we hopped in the car, 
turned on the radio 
and started driving west. 
Our single map and travel journals
The goal was simple— hit as many national parks as possible, swim in the Pacific and venture home.

That was our only real plan.
Everything else was left to chance.
Tagging the Pacific for the first time!
And THAT, my friends, is exactly why you need to make this journey.

Our society spends so much time planning, especially with the immediate-gratification of today's technology.

Where's the nearest gas station? Google it.
Which campground has the best reviews? Ask Siri.
How many waterfalls are in Yellowstone? Boom.

As we charged forward on our cross-country journey, we couldn't rely on technology (no email, texting, social media or web searching for over one month) so we relied on each other instead.

And it was one of the most liberating, inspiring times of our lives.  
We kept track of the most frequently played and weirdest songs we heard and movies to watch again (after being inspired by stops on our adventure)
People, if you know me…
I'm a planner.

It's an issue of mine.

At first, the idea of driving across the country…freestyle, scared the hey-ell outta me.
But I trusted my fella and knew the voyage was bound to be the exploration adventure of a lifetime.

And, whooo-doggy was it!
Our only source of direction. No GPS.
Over a month of driving, camping, adventuring, gabbing, and discovering the phenomenal wonders of our country assured us that we were on the right path in the changing chapter of our lives and as a unified team together.

Find the perfect partner and go.
Say you will.
Because those spacious skies couldn't be more beautiful…
Send me a postcard from as far as you can get.

See it all!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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