Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hen-of-the-Woods (Maitake) Mushrooms: Eat THIS!

He did it. 
That mushroom-hunting fella o' mine scored big this weekend.

It's true that our crew gets reeeeeeeally into scouring our local hot spot for morels in the spring, but the hands down winner of most delicious 'shroom goes to this fall find— the hen-of-the-woods. 
maitake mushroom
Gorgeous and delicious hen-of-the-woods on a log
And NOW is the time to find 'em!

Hen-of-the-woods, called "maitake" (which translates to "dancing mushrooms" in Japan because those who find them tend to dance with joy!) has been used in traditional eastern medicine to enhance the immune system for thousands of years. Check out this info from the American Cancer Society about the benefits of consuming this 'shroom!

Uber healthy AND scrumptious?
maitake mushroom
Hen-of-the-woods scores are usually BIG!
Scan living hardwoods (especially oak and occasionally conifers) and decaying wood for large, grayish brown and white clusters at the base.

Always positively identify your 'shrooms before consuming, but once you've confirmed…DO cook and chow down on these completely delicious delicacies!

I'm not even the biggest mushroom fan, but MAN, I'll tell ya…sauté these in a bit of butter and garlic and prepare for some gourmet goodness.

Toss 'em on top of your eggs. Breakfast has never tasted so good.
maitake mushroom
Give a scan while you're out enjoying the glorious splendor of fall, and see if you can't bring home something WAY better than bacon to add some oomph to your dining table.

You won't believe how delicious these are.
Happy hunting!

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours
***NEVER eat ANY raw mushroom in the wild and make absolutely sure you have positively identified any mushroom you intend to consume.

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