Friday, December 12, 2014

Make a Headband Holder Out of an Oatmeal Container

Got all your girly headbands squished into a drawer?

Cut that out and try this fun project to make your own headband holder out of an oatmeal container!

You know your wrapping paper is already out this Decemeber.
Put it to good use. 
Pick up a standard 42oz. oatmeal container at your local grocery store. We emptied the contents into a large Ziplock bag for storage.

Dig through your wrapping paper arsenal and choose a print you like to cover the outside of the container.
Wrap and tape it up.
If your lid has a hard-to-remove label or logo, consider tracing the shape onto another piece of paper and wrapping that as well.
Gather your headbands and wrap them around the newly fashioned container.

The size fits headbands perfectly and keeps them neat and organized!
Try this easy modification with your kiddos!

Change the paper and design whenever the mood strikes, and this perfect shape will keep headbands from breaking or crumpling inside drawers.

Such a fun and simple way to get organized.
Get fancy!

If you have any other useful organizational tips for kiddo accessories, please send them our way.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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