Monday, August 19, 2013

HELLO Godiva Martini

Today, we're going to talk about booze...sweet, chocolaty booze—
because it's Monday. 
So obviously.
If you feel like kickin' it chocoholic-style tonight, or if you're in the mood to make your lady friends drool, swing out to pick up some Godiva martini ingredients on the way home. 

The traditional recipe calls for a shaken mix of-

Godiva chocolate-flavored liqueur (1oz)
Vanilla vodka (2oz)
Amaretto (2oz)
Kahula (2oz)
Bailey's Irish Cream (2oz)
Creme de Cacao (1oz)

...but that there is a whole lotta bottles, friends. A delicious mixture, but sheesh!

Subtract to make one sweet, simpler concoction that won't break the bank.
Cut down your ingredients and shake up, with ice-

Godiva liqueur (2oz)
Vanilla vodka (2oz)
Kahula (2oz)

Add a bit of Hershey's chocolate syrup to your glass for an extra kick and a bit of aesthetic richness, if desired. 

Satisfy that sweet tooth with a decadent, end-of-the-day, treat. 
A choco-boozey tag team? Positively yes.

What's your favorite drink recipe? Send us some new ideas! 

Bottoms up, friends. 
Have a happy week!

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Shannon Crooker said...

Yum! Please make this for me!