Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Peace Out, Plastic Planters

Tell ya what...
I'm getting pretty sick of plastic. 

Don't get me wrong, I know it's an incredibly useful material and all, but the look of it kills my swerve lately.

It's aesthetically abrasive to me, non-organic, harsh on my eyes. 
So, we've been making a conscious effort to ditch plastics in and around our home.

This season, I recycled all our plastic planters in order to switch them out with substitutes that make my eyes much happier. 
Switchin' out old plastic planters for terra-cotta, wood and metal
For my birthday, my fella got me some wonderful alternatives to the plastic planters that just didn't work with the natural beauty of my annual flowers.
With a little help from my four-year-old friend, we swapped out green plastic window boxes with these charming wooden ones. I love the way the wood looks against the colors of the annuals. Simple, smooth and gorgeous!
Pennington window boxes
Pennington window boxes
To get some color "hanging around" out there, I've replaced plastic hanging pots with these lovely, and inexpensive, bark-covered planters. They have a whimsical, fairytale quality that I adore.
For additional aesthetic awesomeness, we added these horse trough steel planters, which came with 100% biodegradable coco liners. Again, I'm just lovin' the easy, natural look.
CobraCo Canterbury Horse Trough planter
CobraCo Canterbury Horse Trough planters
And my favorite newbie of the season, this old whisky barrel, has taken the place of all my old, large plastic planters. My hub added a panel inside so that I didn't have to fill the entire barrel with dirt, and I was able to fit TONS of stunning annuals inside this beauty. Love, love, love!
Whisky barrel planter
My new planters bring back that smooth YES groove, baby. My eyes are happy anywhere I look out there, and the ambiance feels so much more graceful and natural without rough, cracking plastic eyesores that take away from the organic beauty of the flowers. 
I'm excited to discover new, unconventional ideas for creating beautiful planting space. Old wooden wagons and washtubs might be perfect for repurposing with flowers. So many possibilities!

Any cool ideas? Send them our way!

Enjoy the colors of the season, friends.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours


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Brewed Together said...

Love the new planters! They look so lovely! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com