Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I've Been Sleeping with Someone Else

Don't worry. My husband knows about it.

Two dudes actually. We've been sleeping together for about—oh...25 years or so. 
And it's everything it needs to be.

I ain't ashamed, people. I'll fess up.
Yeah, I'm a grown woman who still sleeps with teddy bears. What about it?

Mr. Chips, here, is my main boo.
Old Mr. Chips is looking pretty haggard these days with his cataracts (from getting rowdy in the washing machine) and nappy fur, but that much love can wear a brutha down.

He peered at me from behind some potpourri at the ol' St. Vincent Martyr church bazaar and it was a done deal. We were obviously soul mates. Obviously.

Come now. If we're close, you KNOW Mr. Chips. You might have even partied with him at one point, right? I'll spare you the photos. He's been around.

And during the holiday shopping season of 1989 (gads), Bloomingdales baited shoppers with an offer I couldn't let my mother refuse. Spend $50 and get a big, fluffy white teddy bear that you'll NEVER ever be able to throw away.
Boomie has lost his nose and a bit of his mouth over the years,  but he's still the best headrest in the world. 
Wouldn't ya know, that Christmas, Mr. Chips, Boomie and I became a threesome. 
Boyfriends always had to beware. Any mistreatment of Chips & Boom resulted in aggressive backlash.

One dark day, a Ft. Lauderdale hotel maid actually STOLE the alluring Mr. Chips to give to her daughter. Needless to say, good always wins over evil and he was safely returned.

Sounding crazy?

Don't judge, friends. It's about loyalty.
These ragged stuffed animals have been by my side through it all—they've soaked up tears, comforted me through so many ups and downs and have reminded me that snuggling, love and whimsy are good for the soul.
Oh, even though the three of us are far too old to stay together, I just can't "bear" the thought of saying goodbye. There's just too much love stuffed in there.

And, you know what? I'm okay with holding on when it comes to love and sentiment that strong. My two lil' bears ain't goin' nowheres.

Do you have any lovies from your childhood that you just can't throw away? Why is it so hard to let go?

Have a grown-up day, my friends...and a snuggly night.
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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