Monday, February 18, 2013

Trackin' Tracks

Every day, I try to round up my lil' pipsqueaks for an outdoor adventure- breathe in some crisp, fresh air and see what we discover.
Beast tracks!
Last week, while we were enjoying a brief hike through our property, things got particularly interesting! Thanks to the light snow coating, we had a chance to do some detective work in our own backyard! 
Rabbit tracks
Following Beast-dog's lead, we immediately spotted some rabbit tracks along our trail. After giving the girls a crash course on tracking, we enthusiastically followed Rabbit's path through the woods.

And then suddenly...ANOTHER set of tracks popped onto the path! We soon realized that a fox had also found interest in this wascally wabbit, though we're sure her hunt was for a decidedly different purpose. 
Fox tracks make their first appearance
We studied the tracks of these two creatures, Ms. Fox's feet slowly creeping up behind the unsuspecting Rabbit. With evenly placed prints, we figured that Rabbit had no idea he was being followed until the woods opened up into the yard. That's when Ms. Fox must have made her big move.
Rabbit and fox prints together
In the open space, the tracks told a very different tale. Here, the prints were widely dispersed- clearly indicating that both Rabbit and Ms. Fox were hightailing it, big time! It was so exciting to observe the change in the tracks, to uncover what had gone down here, to follow the chase...
until we lost the trail at our property's edge.

Just as well, since now that we think about it, we probably wouldn't have been prepared for what we might have found at the end of this hunt. Was Rabbit prepared? THAT'S the ultimate question, I suppose. 

How fascinating it was to play detectives and to follow the clues of the wild animal chase in our own backyard! The light snow coating was ideal for observing tracks out there, and we're hoping for another good dusting to get out again for further investigation. 

Definitely go see what you can discover on your own property when you get the next opportunity. Who knows what you'll find! Play a little C.S.I. out there!
Pipsqueak and Ole' Stinkmouth tracks!
And then, circle around to follow your own tracks back home for a wonderful hot chocolate reward. Happy tracking! Bring on the snow and make your mark!

What fun activities do you rock out a snowy day? 

Have a happy week, friends!

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