Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Love

Don't you just love a sweet lil' Valentine card? 

Ooooooh, I'm just craze-a-mundo over my darling Valentine-ers, and this year, my 4-year-old volunteered to show you how she sends her love out in the mail!
For the past two years, our daughter has been using the Go Create! Scratch and Color Kit to stencil and freehand her rainbow-hued Valentine's Day designs. SO FUN! It's kind of hard for me not to steal a sheet to design myself. Yet another exercise in self-control....

Our daughter uses the stencils she has at home, those included in the kit and some we made ourselves to design her special Valentines. I helped her by writing out a "cheat sheet" of some Valentine sentiments- along with the spelling of every lovey's name she wanted to include.

And MAN, with all our newborn Valentines this year, we ran out of cards and had to make some from scratch with construction paper! Lots of new love in our world- a blessing that we, well...LOVE!

Once all of the card designs were completed, it was time to decorate envelopes. After I helped write out the addresses, kiddo wrote her Valentines' names on each envelope and added tons of holiday jazz- hearts, stickers galore, stamps, drawings. 

I had to keep reminding her to leave room for the all-important postage stamp. Girlfriend is down with decorating!

My sweetie worked on her darlin' Valentine cards for several days until she decided they were good to go. So particular! Every card just HAD to have a hand drawn heart. Every envelope HAD to have a Disney character. Each sticker was placed with incredible thoughtfulness and purpose. 
And as I watched my little love create her Valentines, my own heart swelled bigger than I could stand. How did my baby girl grow up so fast? How could I possibly love this kid more? 

Oh, we're sending you all extra hugs and happiness this Valentine's Day. May your week be full of more love than YOU can stand. 

Read or re-read The Genie in the Lamp and the Meaning of Life and hug your loveys extra tight this Valentine's Day. Because nothing matters more....

Have a wonderful week, friends!

What kind of Valentine's Day cards are you and your cuties making this year? 

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