Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Project: Junk Drawer Overhaul"

Got a drawer that's a bit of a nightmare? 

Don't we all? 

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon IHeart Organizing, a completely AWESOME blog about getting your biz under control on the home front. 

On a cold and rainy day, inspired by this post about cereal box drawer dividers, we decided to take on the bathroom junk drawer.

Because ew.
Bathroom junk drawer BEFORE overhaul
Feeling inspired, we got to work measuring and cutting boxes to match the height of our drawer.

And then we wrapped our boxes in beautiful paper that had recently picked up at Ikea.

Did we have a wrapping method competition throughout this process? Why yes. Yes we did. And I still say my technique was the best.
After we'd arranged our boxes the way we wanted them inside the drawer, we reorganized and logically replaced the contents.
BaZANG! SUCH an improvement and SUCH a fun and easy project to do with kids as well! 

Reorganized bathroom drawer!
Try it out! For full instructions on this process, check out the original post at IHeart Organizing here.

Any new ideas to keep life from spilling over the sides? Let us know! I'm always down for a fun, artistic way to make life a little easier...and a little more colorful!

Have a happy day!

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IHeart Organizing said...

Oooh YAY! It turned out so great! Love how pretty the papers are!