Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Amazing Fusion of Art and Literature

Find the Secret Garden litograph here
As a former high school English teacher, I'm completely BAGONZO over Neato Shop's classic literature litograph posters, images created using the actual text from the stories!
Close up of Secret Graden litograph
I just HAD to hook my daughter up with the Peter Pan poster for her room. I'll definitely update you when it arrives, but I'll bet she'll be hanging out in her Tinkerbell dress, reading her poster for hours on end.
Peter Pan litograph is found here.
And because I'm a obviously a major word nerd myself, I also ordered the Leaves of Grass litograph poster. Haven't decided which room it will grace yet, but I know it will be amazing anywhere! Again, I'll update you once they're on the walls.
Leaves of Grass litograph 
Moby Dick print
It was hard to choose which poster I loved most. Their Emma print is so romantic and girly, the Secret Garden print, one of my favorite tales, so entrancing in its design—and the Moby Dick print is just perfect! There are several others to choose from, as well—some even in black and white. I kind of want them ALL!

Emma print
You can find all the posters here at the Neato Shop or check out some black and white styles here at Postertext. We even found a black and white Harry Potter poster here. Many companies will even allow you to submit a request for any book they don't already have printed on a poster.

I just think this is the coolest!
Get lost in a book this week, people—or a poster!

Which print is YOUR favorite? Isn't it hard to choose?

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