Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Real People Feature: Sarrah Gooch

My best friend, Lydia (right), and I did a photo shoot last summer for my mom's photography studio, The Total Look by Susan.
Who are you?

Sarrah Elizabeth Gooch. I am a daughter, sister, girlfriend, best friend, college student, hippy (not self proclaimed) and am happily unemployed.

What is the best advice you've ever been given or received?

The best advice I have ever received was, "The sun will always shine tomorrow." This is my father's quote, something he said to me in ninth grade when I felt like nothing was ever going to go my way. Over time, this advice has proved to be true.

No matter how bad today is or how I might just feel like giving up, I wake up the next day and it is always different. Life changes and I have to go with the flow or in some ways, I would lose myself- go crazy maybe.

This is a quote that now adorns my foot, reminding me everyday that life will always get better.
My tattoo
What has been the greatest challenge in your life and why?

The greatest challenge... there have been many in my 21 years of life but none more challenging than COLLEGE. Oh joy, the wonderful new experiences of living on my own, creating my own food ideas (trying to shop for meals is actually pretty difficult) and paying bills.

High school was far from the time of my life, so college was a chance to be who I wanted and create my own ideas of the world. After being in school for two years, I moved to Penn State University Park, the campus of constant partying, 300 person classes and a bus schedule. My major is Biobehavioral Health, an integrative degree of science and behavioral classes almost exclusive to Penn State. It is the basis for the Physician Assistant Master's Program.

This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do- leaving my parents, best friend and boyfriend behind to make a life for myself.
Standing in line for Jack Johnson tickets, the most college students I have ever seen in one place. 
What has been the greatest joy in your life and why?

There are many joys in life- the beautiful world we live in, finding money in the washer, getting things on sale, for instance. None of these compare to my cat, yes my cat, Phoenix.

She was the tiniest kitten, rescued from a farm after my previous cat died suddenly. She is the first creature that I have had the joy of watching grow and change. Watching her personality in action and how she affects the people around her is amazing. Even my boyfriend (who says he HATES cats) loves her.

I am so happy that I was able to give her a loving home and feel that having her was my fate. My mom always says, "With death comes birth," hence her name.
What is one thing you have not done that you really want to do and why?

I really want to live in California, where I visited as a kid. The experience was absolutely wonderful, and I want to see it all over again as an adult.

There are so many different ecosystems and beautiful areas that fascinate me and make me want to play explorer.
My 1986 BMW that I partially restored this summer.
Hats off to Sarrah for taking the time to share her world with us. Looks like she has one lucky feline, a completely boss ride, and some wonderfully wise parents.

What's the best advice your parents ever gave you? Don't you just hate it when they're right? But the painful truth is...they usually are, huh?

And ooooooohhhh, Californ-i-a! Years back, my husband and I drove down the coast on Route 1 and fell in love with so many incredible places, from Gold Bluff's Beach to Point Reyes, all stunning.

Where are your favorite spots in the Golden State?

Best wishes at school, Sarrah! We can't wait to see where this road takes you.

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