Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Town

Now that our kiddos are old enough for Trick or Treating, I'm super psyched about the way our town hooks it up for all the little boys and ghouls.
Once a year, our community holds a big event for the children at Halloween. Our Main Street is closed off to traffiic and all the stores set up outdoor tables to hand out candy for all the little rascals, dressed in their costumes for the celebration.

This is such a prime time to meet up with friends, young and old, to embrace the whimsy of the event, to relive a bit of innocence and youth...and, naturally, to eat a disgusting amount of candy.

It makes me smile to see so many adults in costume, truly getting into the spirit of Halloween. There are times when you've just gotta go there, you know?
And it's even more heart-warmning to watch our community come together in such a FUN way!
Even the college students rally for this event, with many local sororities and fraternities taking the time to hand out candy to the sticky children, looking to ANYone for a handout.

There's a whole lot of happiness creeping around between the vampires and Harry Potters. Surely that has something to do with the hardcore sugar rushes, but everyone is kind of in it together.
Sometimes I forget how wonderful our small town life really is,

 but for Halloweeen, the spirit of brotherhood and community rushes through the air...

 and I'm reminded that the people who surround us all contribute to our story, to our daily groove-

 and there's just no place like home.
What does your community do to celebrate the season?

Happy Halloween, friends!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours


Shazberry said...

This was our first time and I loved every minute of it. I don't think I smiled so much in my life!

Unknown said...

And I have evidence of that! I SO wanted to use all the pics of everyone, but I wanted to get permission first and was already so behind on this post- thanks to Frankenstorm. Hope you and your handsomes are SMILING out there. Sending you lots o' love!