Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Rodale Organic Apple Festival- Love to the Core

Some people have a "Zen spot" where they can decompress, be inspired, just relax and kick it. 
For me, the Rodale Institute is where it's at. 
Organic Apple Festival
Oh, I've written about my love of Rodale's usually serene land before, but the place gets hopping with merriment at the annual Organic Apple Festival!
Organic Apple Festival
Countless activities engage wee ones and adults alike—from the obvious apple picking (and rotten apple launching!) 
Rodale Institute

Rotten Apple Launcher!
to face painting, adventure tunneling, tractor rides, live music and crafts.
And as I'm sure you can imagine, the food...
Rodale Institute
Always so fresh and delicious.
You really just can't go wrong.

For an extra buzz, hit up the festival's "Maple Creamies" (vanilla ice cream with maple syrup on top). 
Thank me later. 
Rodale Institute
Set in an agricultural Eden, joyfulness and beauty abound at The Organic Apple Festival.

Once you've had your fill of the event's action, be sure to take a tranquil walk through the lush Shumei gardens, marvel at the magnificent landscapes, and keep an eye out for the clever little creatures who have made this farm their home. 
Thank you, Rodale Institute—Rodale Institute
for modeling and teaching true organic farming 
and for preserving and sharing a majestic space to inspire a brighter future for our world. 

We hope your work rubs off on everyone.

Swing out to visit the Organic Apple Festival next September,
and fall in love with farming at its finest. 
Organic Apple Festival
Savor every delicious moment, friends.

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