Monday, September 23, 2013

Moult Mania

Notice tumbleweed rolling down your hallway lately?
'Tis the season...for fuzzy fur ball funk.

It's moulting season, people.

Every spring and fall, most dog breeds shed their seasonal coats. 
We naively thought our Rottweiler mix wouldn't be much of a shedder. 

Wrong. Super wrong. 

The fur RAINS off our monster mutt during moulting season. 
shedding blade
Since Beast Dog was a wee pup, we've been using a Safari Dual Shedding Blade to remove excess hair and to help scrape burrs out of his coat after woodsy romps.

The blade works wonderfully and can be opened wide for a two-handed brushing that reaches the underbelly and chest.

We always brush outdoors because, during moulting, that fur just doesn't stop falling. Also, resourceful birds collect the remnants to weave softness into their nests.

Glad to know this funky junk is going to good use.

Fuzzy scuzz sure takes a lot of effort to control. 
Enter vacuum.
And dust rags.
And lint roller.

Hats off to all you Husky owners. 
Man. Brave peeps.
What'd I do now?
What are your tricks to keep shedding under control in your home? Help a sista out!
The things we do for love...

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