Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When the Windows Are Open

This week, we've been sleeping with the windows open. 
Have you?
When the windows are open, I feel more in the moment.

Cool air glides over my skin, carrying the scent of freshly cut grass and lush soil throughout the house.

Memories of countless tent-camping trips stir— with sounds of nature serenading us as we nod off into the most comfortable sleep.

In the night, insomniac birds gently rustle through the treetops while the muted rumble of the train, two towns over, rolls soothingly through the darkness.

Kicking free, my feet escape the nest of covers and embrace the crisp feel of the evening breeze as it runs over me, tickling my toes.
When the windows are open, the morning is alive.
I wake with the world and feel a more connected part in it all.

Open windows end the disconnect.
Open windows open hearts.

The world is so whimsical and wonderful right now.
Open up and let it in.

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours
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