Thursday, March 28, 2013

Underwear in the Air

If you were walking down a city street, and a pair of panties dropped onto your head, what would you do?

Time to air out all the dirty laundry, people!
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Last summer, in my post, 21 Rays of Sunshine, I touched on one of my favorite warm weather chores...hanging laundry on the line.

Yes, I'm fully aware of how disgustingly domestic this sounds, but it's the plain truth. 

I really enjoy hanging our duds out there to sway in the breeze, and when I saw this post, "Monday, Laundry Day, New York City" on, I suddenly had a lot more respect for the city dwellers who are hangin' their skivvies out to dry.
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That's a whole lotta underwear up there!

Kinda beautiful in a totally bizarre way, huh?

And MAN, how I wish I could photograph a scene like this for myself...
So wild!
Laundry, New York City, c. 1934 by Marjorie Content
I haven't had our laundry out yet this season, but I promise to dedicate a full post to celebrating line-drying clothes, country-style, soon. 

Riveting, I know. Try to contain yourselves from combusting in the intoxicating anticipation. 

Here's to hanging your underwear in the air, friends!
Have a sunny day!

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