Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wave Pendulum Wackadoo

Wave pendulum
Ever sit at a red light on a rainy day and observe the rhythm of your windshield wipers in contrast to that of the car in front of you?

You know how it goes.

For a few seconds, your wipers are perfectly in sync with those on the stranger's car—and then the rhythm falls out, still there but...changed. So you stare. And stare. And stare until suddenly, the rhythm catches again. On and on it goes...
If it weren't for green traffic lights, I might still be sitting there, staring in a hypnotic trance.

Today, I'm sending a little mind-blowing science your way.
My husband called me in to check out these wave effect pendulum experiments from Mental Floss, and MAN—talk about trippy. We SO wanna make one of these of our own.

Science is, clearly, freakin' amazing!
Which one of these videos blows your mind the most? I think the side angle shots, in the third clip, space me out the hardest. Cuh-raise-zee!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Enjoy the science that is everywhere!

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Julia said...

The last one was pretty hypnotic!