Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Best, Most Useful Toy (?) EVER! And a Discount Code!

If there has ever been an incredible gift for a growing family—this is it, friends.

On our daughter's 1st birthday last year, her great-grandparents rolled out a Speedway Express 500 wagon. I honestly can't tell you who was most excited about this gift.
No joke, people—this thing is quite possibly the best gift we've ever received for the family.

I could go on all day, but let me start by telling you that our handcrafted 22"x 40" wagon holds up to ONE THOUSAND pounds of weight.

Did you get that? A thousand!

On its first day rollin' on our property, you can bet your boots that we all piled in for wagon rides down our hill. With a little practice maneuvering the handle, you can actually steer from inside the wagon, so you can imagine how much fun it is to go coasting in this baby!

But if the sheer joy of Speedway Express Wagons isn't enough, the practical uses are endless...

We roll our "Big Red" down the street to purchase and transport all our flowers for planting in the spring.

And because the sides slip out for easy transportation, we were also able to pack the wagon into our car to bring along to the beach last summer.

Having our Speedway Express with us at the shore made our trip so much easier. We'd pack it full of chairs, a stroller, the beach bags, toys, cooler and a KID or two and would roll everything down to the ocean each day.
Pointing toward the ocean on a beach wagon ride!
With excellent performance and maneuverability on sand, grass, dirt and gravel, we honestly believe that Speedway Express Wagons are, by far, superior to any other wagon that we've come across in stores.

This wagon will absolutely last our family a lifetime, and because we are confident that owning one will add incredible happiness to YOUR family as well, I've got a present for you...

From now until June 30th, 2013 Speedway Express is offering ALL From My Hearth to Yours readers a 7% discount code on ANY product in their lineup! (Custom orders and shipping are excluded from discount)

If you're ready to get your hands on the best wagon ever made, or if you have a baby shower or birthday party coming up and want to get someone you love the best gift EVER, head over to Speedway Express Wagons here, place your order and enter the coupon code My<3 to claim your discount!

You can also keep up with Speedway news by liking their new Facebook page here.
Once you get your own wagons, drop us a line and let us know how much you're LOVIN' every moment. I'm excited to learn about all the uses you'll find.

Just yesterday, I popped off the sides and used ours to haul deck chairs up from our shed. 
And then we rolled that bad boy right back down the hill for fun.

A million uses! 
I'm telling you! You'll absolutely LOVE owning one of these! I'm sure of it.

It's the perfect time to give the perfect gift. 
Three cheers for Speedway Express!

Have a wonderful week, friends! Let me know if you have any wagon questions you need answered if you're ready for the ride.

***This is NOT a sponsored post. The opinions here are my own. We are seriously just CRAZY about this company/product.***


Jenny Arndt said...

Which tires do you recommend?

Unknown said...

Jenny- Ours came with 10" x 3.5" tires and they are AMAZING. They glide over everything. Two thumbs up!