Tuesday, May 14, 2013

De-funk-ify: Cleaning Tile Grout

Funny how, whenever I'm about to throw a party, I suddenly notice serious funk that I've been ignoring overlooking for far too long. 
baking soda and vinegar
Funky tile grout BEFORE
While going through the motions of my standard sink/toilet/countertop cleaning the other day, I realized that the grout in our downstairs bathroom was looking pretty foul. 

As always, you know me—I got to researching.

We're a modern family, steering away from harsh STANKIN' chemicals, so I was on the hunt for a safe, natural way to take the funk outta that grout.

And I found it. Easy peasy, friends!
baking soda and vinegar
My husband always insists that I save all old toothbrushes. His hoarding came in handy here, as I grabbed an old child's toothbrush, a bowl of baking soda and a spray bottle full of a 1/2 & 1/2 white vinegar/water mixture.
baking soda and vinegar
Simply wet the toothbrush and disperse baking soda onto grout.
baking soda and vinegar
Make a thick paste by combining baking soda and vinegar and scrub into the grout.
Then spray the white vinegar/water mixture onto the baking soda. The mixture will begin to fizz. Use your toothbrush to scrub your bubbly concoction into the grout. 

For stubborn stains, I let the mixture sit for a few minutes and then reactivated with another white vinegar/water spritz before scrubbing again. 

Result? Sparklin' white grout!

I was so impressed with how safe and effective this method was, and would absolutely recommend giving it a try before holding your breath through use of expensive, harsh, noxious cleansers. 
baking soda and vinegar
Heyo white grout! AFTER baking soda and white vinegar/water treatment
Try it and report. You're gonna be psyched at the results, and the fizzing reaction makes this process kind of (dare I say) fun!

Here's to spiffing up your grout without the headache of horrendous chemical stenches. 
This method really worked—on the walls, the floor, the backsplash!

Have a wonderful, squeaky clean day, friends...and if you have any other great, safe ideas for household cleansers, send them our way!

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