Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sometimes There's a Song...

Sometimes there's a song that triggers a frenzy inside your body and brain when the first note sounds.

Sometimes there's a song that evokes such a strong memory, such intense emotion, that it causes the rest of the world to stop while it plays out.

Sometimes a song and a memory simply can never be separated.

You feel me, right?
Once upon a time, back in our rowdy college days, we rambunctious women had a thing for Jeff Buckley.

And one overly-rowdy night, we overly-rambunctious women scooted out from a party and piled into "Old Gray," my famous Honda Accord, most definitely NOT to go for a drive, but to simply listen to this song that we all loved—with the volume turned up full blast.

Full. Blast.
As full as a blast could possibly get.
At exactly three minutes into this song, the sizzle happened.
I will never forget it.
It jolted out of us like electricity.

The music sent us into a completely, over-the-top crazy, window-banging, head-shaking, eyes-clenched shut, frenzy. FUH-REN-ZEE!

At the tops of our lungs, with absolutely no inhibition whatsoever, the five of us belted out the climax of "Last Goodbye" so passionately, so emotionally, that I'm confident none of us will ever forget that moment for the rest of our lives.

The remainder of that night, however, is an entirely different story—
but the four minutes and 35 seconds of "Last Goodbye" will be, definitively, burned into our memories forever.
Time passes on, and all these years later, one of us is gone—gone from sight but never from memory.

When we lost our shiningly beautiful friend, the lyrics to this song took on a much different meaning—but the feeling, the passion, the love and gut-bursting emotion will always remain the same.

Because sometimes there's a song that says it all.
And, for the five of us, this is it. Full blast.

We miss and love you every day, B.
This one's for you.

What song ignites memories for you?
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

P.S. Congratulations to Tamar, #9 on our comment list, and our WINNER of the Berenstain Bears book giveaway. We know you're going to share lots of smiles with your wonderful score!

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