Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Folkiest Festival Around

Can YOU get down with folk, folks?

Since I've moved to Pennsylvania, I've enjoyed time spent learning about, and embracing, the PA Dutch culture that is celebrated in this region.
PA Dutch culture
Hex sign display
I've read literature, researched online, asked countless questions, and have even taken a graduate class on regional folklore. The stories around here are just crazy cool.
Quilt barn
Inside the Quilt Barn
But nothing puts a person INTO the Pennsylvania Dutch groove more than a visit to experience The Kutztown Folk Festival. It's just one of those events that you never forget. I'm pretty sure that, if you've yet to visit, you've never seen anything quite like this.
PA Dutch culture
Live music in the Quilt Barn
Walking in, visitors are greeted by volunteers dressed in traditional garb, accessorized with suspenders, aprons, hats and bonnets.

There is a wonder around every corner, as artisans demonstrate their impressive skills—adeptly working their crafts before your very eyes.

Stop to ask a question or two. Discover a lil' something new. Pick up an exciting hobby.
PA Dutch culture
Every year, I learn more about this region, about the admirable skill and dedication that goes into each unique art form, about the incredible value in preserving this extraordinary culture.

There is so much sensation to absorb...

the mouthwatering scent of bratwurst, freshly baked bread and apple dumplings that fills the air—

the unique "Dutchy" dialogue and terminology, cleverly integrated throughout the entire festival—
Kutztown Folk Festival
the traditional folk music that serenades visitors as they stroll past skilled craftsman vendors—
PA Dutch culture
and the unique demonstrations and performances that excite, inspire and intrigue children and adults alike.
Hanging of Susanna Cox
Bizarre reenactment of the hanging of Susanna Cox
Weird and wonderful, the Kutztown Folk Festival is, undoubtedly, an experience and a half. 
The Children's Stage
Puppet shows, sing-a-longs and story time for the wee ones
It's a reminder...
of what once was
of what's worth handing down
of time that passes on.

It's a reminder...
to look closer
to appreciate the beauty of true craft
and art
and family
and love.

It's the coolest little party around—so striking that National Geographic magazine has featured the festival TWICE!

Get out here next summer to check it out for yourselves.
We'll see ya there!

What events in your area celebrate art and culture?  
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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