Monday, October 14, 2013

Love the Skin You're In

Have you seen Anthony Cerniello's video of a young girl aging into an old woman?

And the story behind this humbling production?
Even more moving and profound.

Set aside 5 minutes to experience the progression of a lifetime today.
It's a beautiful thing.
Check out the official 'Danielle' video here and watch time fly.

And if you love this as much as I do, check out this REAL time-laspe video that Frans Hofmeester made of his daughter's growth from birth till age 12.
Age progression video
Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45 sec. Time Lapse Lotte. by Frans Hofmeester
What a project.
What an impact.
What a ride...

Oh, love the skin you're in today, my sweet friends.
If we're lucky, we'll have a different coat tomorrow.

XOXO From My Hearth to Yours
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