Monday, October 7, 2013

The WK&S Hawk Mountain Line- Training Day

Something about trains...
such a thrilling charge, you know?
The Kempton Train
Next time you're about board, stop and have a gander at the expressions of surrounding passengers.

Children squeal, jumping up and down with raw excitement.
Adults gaze, in awe, at the power of such mighty machinery.
Kempton Train
Check out the Halloween addition to the WK&S Line
It's just ON as soon as that beast chugs into the station.

Out here in Eastern PA, to get our fix of beauty and nostalgia, we hit up The WK&S Hawk Mountain Line every year. 

And it never disappoints!
The Kempton Train
Boarding this exquisite train feels like time travel.

Walk through the cozy cars (check out the PIANO car!) to find the perfect window view, or sit out in the open air as the train coasts past rivers, farms, mountains and forests.
The Kempton Train
Don't forget to look up at the magnificent birds that soar along, following your journey down the line.

It's a beautiful experience.

Always looking out for the needs and desires of riders, the WK&S Line plans extraordinary events to deliver thrills.
With "Wine & Cheese" rides, "Murder Mystery Dinner Theater" events and an assortment of both daytime and evening holiday themed rides, smiles are served up for every style on The Hawk Mountain Line.
The Kempton Train
October Pumpkin Patch Train Ride
Man, do I love living out here.

If you're down to hop on board, check out the WK&S history here, and book a ride this season.
It's a trip, for sure. 
You'll love it!

What events in your area combine the beauty of nature with nostalgia? 
All aboard, friends!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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