Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Learning to Love by Loving Lovies

I was a child addict...
a thumb-sucking, blankie-sniffin' addict.

I'd watch the clock in preschool, fidgeting with withdrawal, eagerly counting the minutes till I could get my blankie fix.

Oh, I loved that blankie to pieces. 
Want proof?
I still have it.
Yup. That's my lovey right there—a ball of string tied into knots.

I assure you that it used to be an actual blanket, but this is what years of cuh-raise-zee affection does to a lovey.

Eventually, with encouragement and support from my family, I kicked the blankie habit and graduated to THIS addiction (which I promise I've almost kicked).

Nowadays, I help my darlings round up "Ladue Baby" and "Kitty Cat" before bedtime, and their doting love is met with understanding.
Sometimes, it's easier to relax with a lovey by your side—be it a stuffed teddy bear, a family pet, a fella or a favorite pillow.

These objects of our affection feel like a warm hug, smell like the sweetness of home, remind us of the security and comfort of unconditional love.

So I'm okay with lovies and everything they represent.

I watch my girls have tea parties with their snuggle buddies, brush their fur, even wisely suggest their pals get an occasional "bath" in the washing machine, and I'm proud of the thoughtfulness they exhibit.

Kids learn to love by loving lovies...
and I couldn't love that more.

For smiles today, check out this amazing story of how social media helped reconnect a little girl with her lost teddy.

*And for more info on the psychology behind lovies, check out this article from Parents.com

May you love your loves to pieces, sweet friends!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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